World of Warcraft DoT explained: What does it mean and how to use it

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The massively in style on-line RPG is understood for its selection of courses and numerous mechanics, resembling DoTs. Damage Over Time are spells or skills that damage the enemies’ HP throughout a selected interval of time. So, in case you’re questioning how to use them successfully round Azeroth, this information is what you want.

World of Warcraft has been round for nearly 20 years, and as a result of of how large it is, many gamers could also be reluctant to begin their journey in Blizzard’s game.

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As one of the longest-running RPGs to ever exist, the game is stuffed with terminology popping up in all places, throwing off even probably the most proficient gamers. This principally occurs throughout fight, one of the principle options the title has.

So, if you need to soar into the WoW universe, you’ll want to study the fundamentals. Here’s every little thing you want to know concerning the DoT mechanic, so you possibly can stand an opportunity throughout combats.

What is DoT in World of Warcraft

DoT is the abbreviation for Damage Over Time. These are spells or particular skills that deal injury over a sure interval of time, reasonably than inflicting a single burst without delay.

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This distinctive and very helpful mechanic could be a bleeding wound, poison, burns, and even curses utilized by your character. So, whilst you hit your enemy with Direct Damage, the Damage Over Time will provide help to extract further HP out of your enemy by the seconds.

Shadow Priest HSBlizzard Entertainment

However, needless to say though they’ve extended results, they do finish, so you could refresh the DoT by re-applying it.

DoTs Mechanics Explained

Every DoT in World of Warcraft is totally different as a result of of its traits, so you could analyze them to choose the DoT that fits your fight model the very best.

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  • Duration: The whole quantity of time the impact will final in your goal.
  • Interval: How typically the impact will hit your enemy.
  • Refresh: Re-applying the DoT. Doing this correctly will end in optimum injury.
    • Restart: Once you recast, the previous impact can be eliminated and changed with a brand new one.
    • Legacy: Once you recast, the length of the brand new impact is added after the one scheduled.
    • 30% rule: Once you recast, the lesser of 30% of the bottom or remaining length can be retained and added to the subsequent impact’s length.
    • Extend: Once you recast, it will lengthen the DoT by the brand new length.
  • Uptime: Keeping the DoTs energetic as a lot as attainable to guarantee fixed injury.
world of warcraft wow undead shadow priest casting spellBlizzard Entertainment

Though they appear difficult at first, when you get a grip of how to exploit DoTs, you’ll grow to be unstoppable. Also, as this impact is constructed with time, the longer the fight, the extra highly effective you’ll be.

Classes that use DoTs

Even although each class in World of Warcraft has entry to at the least one DoT, this kind of injury is primarily utilized by Affliction Warlocks and Shadow Priests, in addition to Death Knights, Assassination Rogues, and Balance Druids.

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DoT-heavy courses are devastating on boss encounters which have a number of enemies, as they will use their DoTs on varied targets concurrently.

Enemies may use DoTs, so it’s key that you just perceive how they work and how damaging they are often so as to discover the right manner to counter them.

That’s it! That’s all you want to learn about DoTs in World of Warcraft. For extra sport content material, take a look at some of our different guides beneath:

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