Who plays Ares in Percy Jackson? WWE star explained

Percy Jackson has simply pulled one other Greek god into the ring, however Ares has positively seen the ring earlier than…the WWE ring.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians is greater than halfway by means of its freshman run on Disney+. The official synopsis of Season 1, which follows the plot of the primary e-book, Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, reads: “12-year-old fashionable demigod, Percy Jackson, is coming to phrases along with his newfound divine powers when the sky god, Zeus, accuses him of stealing his grasp lightning bolt; along with his buddy’s assist, Percy should restore order to Olympus.”

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Fans have been loving the brand new collection to date, primarily resulting from it being way more correct to the books than the 2010 Logan Lerman films had been, with much more involvement from writer Rick Riordan.

One facet of accuracy is the character of Ares, who’s a significant character in the e-book, however by no means seems in the films. But who’s Ares, and who plays him in the Percy Jackson present – and what’s he obtained to do with the WWE? Let’s get into it, however first: Spoiler warning for Percy Jackson & the Olympians!

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Who is Ares?

As one of many Twelve Olympians, Ares is the God of War, and as a son of Zeus and Hera, he’s technically Percy Jackson’s a lot older cousin in the collection.

He has an excellent adoration for violence and battle, overseeing conflicts all through historical past, and clearly has no reservations about combating Percy and the opposite demigods if wants be. He believes a battle among the many gods is inevitable, as a result of they’re all a messy household, and he loves them for that.

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Although his relationship with the opposite gods will be fickle. He and Aphrodite had been lovers – which plays a significant half in Episode 5 – whereas he holds resentment in the direction of Athena, which might come throughout as sibling rivalry.

Like most of the gods, he has his personal demigod kids. However, he makes it clear that he doesn’t like kids, primarily resulting from how harmless all of them are. This even extends to his personal kids, who he admits he solely likes barely greater than different children. With his lack of parental care obvious, it’s straightforward to know why his kids, specifically Clarisse, the bully of Camp Half Blood who battled Percy in Episode 2, acts the best way she does.

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Percy Jackson cast at camp Half BloodDisney+

Clarisse had a vendetta in opposition to Percy – like father, like daughter.

Who plays Ares in the Percy Jackson Disney+ collection?

In Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Ares is performed by Adam Copeland, in any other case know as Edge, beforehand in the WWE and now discovered in AEW.

In the films, Ares was regulated to a small cameo with no dialogue. But right here, Ares first seems in Episode 5, and as we state in our 4-star assessment, Copeland “manages to be each threatening and brutishly humorous, making him an excellent impediment for a present like Percy Jackson.” The scenes between him and Grover are notably enjoyable, as Grover manipulates Ares prideful have to be outsmart Athena in order to get info from him about who could have stolen the lightning bolt.

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Adam Copeland is well-known for his time in the WWE as Edge, and like different fighters, reminiscent of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dave Bautista, he has since begun a profession in appearing. Most notably earlier than Percy Jackson, he might be seen in the 2017 collection Vikings.

Check him out in the Percy Jackson trailer beneath:

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