Wendy’s worker sparks outrage after revealing how “fresh” fries can be faked

Viral Wendys fresh fries video

Lauren Lewis

A Wendy’s employees member has revealed that when clients order recent fries, they won’t be getting precisely what they ordered, sparking an enormous outrage on the platform. 

In a video that’s amassed over 4 million views on TikTok, a Wendy’s worker took to the platform to share a secret that clients won’t be conscious of. 

The textual content overlay reads, “My fries are chilly I would like recent fries,” as per the shopper’s request. 

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However, as we can see from the video, the shopper isn’t truly granted their recent fries. Instead, Shaquan takes the shopper’s chilly fries from the drive-thru window, earlier than inserting them instantly again into the new oil to heat them up, earlier than repackaging them and handing them again.

People outraged by Wendy’s pretend fries

The video triggered a stir on the platform, with many dissatisfied to be taught how their fries may truly be ready like this.

“But was it so laborious to try this the primary time?” one requested the poster, commenting on the laziness of the reheating course of. 

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“Nah I stated FRESH…” one other demanded. 

“And that’s why I am going in to look at them and ensure the outdated fries aren’t within the hotter and inform them to get outdated fries off the corners,” one other commenter added. 

Some recommended a way for making certain recent fries every time, just by ordering them with no salt: “And that’s why I ask for no salt then ask for salt packs,” suggesting that the employees should make a separate, recent, saltless batch. 

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Ordering ‘recent’ fries with out salt has been the topic of controversy for some time. A McDonald’s worker had sufficient of individuals demanding saltless fries, and took to TikTok to voice her opinion.

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