The Best Sniper Rifle Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 5

Sniper Rifles are underutilized now that Battle Rifles and SMGs have taken over the sport. This information will take a look at how lethal Snipers could be by the most effective Sniper Rifle Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 5.

Warzone 2 meta has continuously saved altering. Firstly, it was RPKs and Fennecs, whereas in the earlier seasons, it was the Cronen Squall by way of and thru. Although a few months again, Activision put a ban on One-Shot Kill Sniper Rifles in Ranked Play which gave rise to the Signal 50 meta, which remains to be dominating the sport.

That being stated, we’re going to take a look at the most effective class loadout for all the Snipers in the game. Although, most of them should not actively current in the present meta. The latest weapon, the .300 Carrack can be absent regardless of it being a great semi-automatic Sniper. Let us break every thing down.


  • The Best Sniper Rifle Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 5
  • 7. LA-B 330
  • 6. SP-X 80
  • 5. Victus XMR
  • 4. FJX Imperium
  • 3. MCPR-300
  • 2. .300 Carrack
  • 1. Signal 50
  • Secondary
  • Perks and Equipment
  • Why You Should Use These Loadouts

The Best Sniper Rifle Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 5

Since One Shot Sniper Rifles are basically banned in Ranked Play, their use of them, even in Casual sport modes, is reducing. The Signal 50 and the .300 Carrack’s decide price has skyrocketed, and the One Shot Sniper Rifles just like the FJX Imperium and MCPR-300 are used even much less now.

That is why it is very important transfer together with the meta and preserve adapting. However, should you can not regulate with semi-auto Snipers and are old fashioned, you possibly can at all times change to an MCPR-300 or a Battle Rifle if you’re taking part in Ranked. Let us check out the most effective class loadout for every Sniper Rifle at present in the sport so you possibly can decide and select out of your favorites.

7. LA-B 330

This is the poorest Sniper Rifle in the sport and is in dire want of a buff. It doesn’t have One Shot functionality and is even poor in the case of dealing with. That is why we advocate skipping on this weapon should you can. Its hearth price is slower in comparison with the opposite weapons of the identical class, and it’s a median Sniper Rifle at greatest.

That being stated, if you’re nonetheless a fan of it and need to use it simply to attempt it out, we advocate operating the loadout beneath. It is supposed to negate the weaknesses of the weapon as a lot as doable so it’s a minimum of useable. Although contemplating the weaknesses of the weapon, there isn’t any cause to make use of it for any sport mode.


  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Stock: Bryson Streamline
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
  • Barrel: 18.5″ Bryson LR Factory
  • Comb: Aim Assist 406

We begin off with the FSS OLE-V Laser to extend our ADS velocity, dash to fireside velocity, and aiming stability. It helps the weapon be a bit of quicker when ADSing with the intention to a minimum of take a shot on the enemy. Follow that up with the Bryson Streamline Stock.

The Bryson Streamline will increase the dash velocity and purpose strolling velocity so that you’re extra agile with the weapon. The .300 High Velocity Ammunition will increase the bullet velocity of the weapon barely, which helps a bit of in direction of the weapon’s TTK. The 18.5″ Bryson LR Factory will increase the hip-fire recoil management and ADS velocity.

Essentially, we are attempting to make this a quicker Sniper in order that we will scope in and take a number of photographs on the enemy to have an opportunity to kill them. Finish the loadout off with the Aim Assist 406 to extend the ADS and dash to fireside velocity additional.

6. SP-X 80

Coming proper alongside in direction of the SP-X 80. It suffers from nearly the identical issues that the LA-B 330 has however is simply barely higher. Although you’ll nonetheless have a tough time one shotting enemies with this weapon. The low price of fireside additionally makes it a bit of troublesome to drag your gun up quicker to fireside a second shot.

That being stated, it is very important do not forget that the decide price for these weapons is subsequent to 0%. Therefore, it will take a large buff or a nerf to different Sniper Rifles for this weapon to shine. Let us take a look at the loadout for this weapon.


  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Match Grip
  • Stock: Max DMR Precision
  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser

We start with the .300 High-Velocity Ammunition so we will enhance the bullet velocity of the weapon by a bit of. Follow that up with the Schlager Match Grip, which is able to enhance the ADS and dash to fireside velocity, making the weapon a bit of manageable.

Next comes the Max DMR Precision inventory to extend the ADS velocity, crouch motion velocity, and aiming stability, permitting us to fireside long-range. This weapon takes a minimal of two photographs to kill, even should you max out the bullet velocity in most instances.

We are additionally going to make use of the Nilsound 90 to suppress the weapon. If the enemy finds out the place you shot from, you” most actually get killed, however you probably have a suppressor on, there’s a likelihood you will get the second shot off as effectively. It additionally offers added bullet velocity, which could be helpful.

Finish off the loadout with the FSS OLE-V Laser to extend the soundness and mobility of the weapon.

5. Victus XMR

The Victus XMR in the sooner seasons was the most effective Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2, however as time went on, new weapons got here out, and nerfs ruined its effectiveness. Now, it’s only a step above the SP-X 80. However, that doesn’t imply it’s a fully unusable weapon, it’s simply that there are higher choices.

However, should you nonetheless desire utilizing this weapon, then this class loadout will aid you out a ton. It is made to one-shot enemies irrespective of the vary. The actual draw back of the weapon in comparison with the opposite Snipers is its decrease mobility.


  • Ammunition: .50 Cal Explosive
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip
  • Stock: XRK Rise
  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90 Silencer
  • Barrel: Mack 8 33.5 Super

We begin off with a .50 Cal Explosive Ammunition, which ensures that we land these one-shot headshots. This weapon attachment additionally will increase harm to the autos. Follow that up with the Bruen Q900 Grip, which will increase the ADS and dash to fireside velocity which goes to allow us to pull our gun up quicker than typical.

The XRK Stock can be a worthy funding for this Sniper Rifle because it improves the ADS velocity additional, together with offering a quicker dash velocity and crouch motion velocity. We comply with that up with the Nilsound 90 Silencer, which helps you keep off the enemy’s radar and it additionally will increase the bullet velocity.

The Mack 8 33.5 Super goes to extend the bullet velocity additional and likewise enhance harm vary on the similar time. This attachment additionally will increase hip-fire accuracy, though it won’t be that helpful.

4. FJX Imperium

Moving up the ladder to the most effective Sniper Rifles in the sport, now we have the FJX Imperium, which was a number one one-shot Sniper in Seasons 3 and 4. However, ever since these sorts of Sniper Rifles took a ban in Ranked Play, they disappeared. However, that doesn’t imply they received’t work in Resurgence or DMZ modes.

It is simply as efficient at neutralizing enemies. This weapon’s stats are effectively rounded, it may well one-shot enemies, and it has good mobility and stability that doesn’t hinder accuracy over lengthy ranges. This is likely one of the Sniper Rifles we advocate you employ. Let us take a look at the loadout for this weapon.


  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90 Silencer
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Optic: Schlager Night View/ Forge Tac Delta
  • Rear Grip: Skull-40
  • Ammunition: .408 Explosive

We begin off with the Nilsound 90 Silencer, which helps us keep hidden in addition to rising the bullet velocity of the weapon. We pair that up with the VLK LZR 7MW Laser for added mobility and stability. This attachment will increase ADS velocity and dash to fireside in addition to aiming stability.

We do advocate utilizing an Optic due to their signature talents. Although, if given a alternative between two choices, we’d go along with the Schlager Night View because it lets us see by way of smokes and highlights enemies. The Forge Tac Delta can be a great scope. Use what you’ve and experiment with the alternatives.

We additionally go along with the Skull-40 Rear Grip. It will increase the ADS and dash to fireside velocity additional. Finish off the loadout with the .408 explosive ammunition, which is able to assist us one-shot the enemy with none issues. It additionally will increase the weapon’s harm vary which helps in long-range headshots.

3. MCPR-300

The MCPR-300 is the gold commonplace for one-shot Sniper Rifles as a result of it has the most effective stats out of all of them. With a present decide price of 2.8%, this weapon is alive and effectively in the arms of the Warzone 2 Sniping neighborhood. It is likely one of the greatest Snipers as a result of its base harm, and one can construct it up for a lot greater than it presents.

This weapon has a greater ADS and sprint-to-fire time which makes it useful in taking photographs over long-range quicker. This is vital once you wish to down a number of enemies. It additionally has additional photographs in comparability to the FJX Imperium.


  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90 Silencer
  • Barrel: 22″ OMX-456
  • Optic: Forge Tac Delta 4
  • Ammunition: .300 Mag Explosive
  • Magazine: 5-Round Mag

We begin with a Nilsound 90 silencer, as typical, because it offers a great enhance in bullet velocity in addition to silencing the weapon in order that you don’t get noticed by enemies. In addition to the muzzle, we can even equip a Barrel, the 22″ OMX-456 is the most suitable choice for this specific weapon. Apart from rising the bullet velocity of the weapon, this attachment additionally will increase the recoil management and hip-fire accuracy.

The Forget Tac Delta 4 goes to be the go-to alternative for the Optic. Although you possibly can equip something you’d like. We are additionally going to make use of the .300 Mag Explosive to make sure that this weapon one-shot enemies irrespective of the vary. We end off the loadout with the 5-Round Mag as a result of it decreases the journal measurement, thus making the weapon lighter and extra agile. The attachment additionally will increase reload velocity, motion velocity, ADS velocity, and sprint-to-fire velocity which is the most effective benefit you can provide to a sluggish weapon like this.

2. .300 Carrack

The .300 Carrack is the newest addition to the Warzone 2 Sniper Rifle household. This weapon is certainly one of a form and nearly the most effective in the case of killing enemies in medium to lengthy ranges. It is extremely highly effective and almost nearly as good because the Signal 50. It has a 15 Round Mag, which is a superb characteristic for a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle.

This characteristic will aid you down enemies with two photographs and transfer on to the subsequent one if you’re fast sufficient. Moreover, it would additionally hope to extend the weapon’s velocity and bullet velocity. Besides, this weapon is straightforward to unlock, as you will get it by way of the Season 5 Battle Pass, and this can be very forgiving for newer gamers. Let us get into it.


  • Muzzle: Bruen Agent 90
  • Barrel: Heavy-Tac 300
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
  • Optic: Forge Tac Delta 4

We begin off with the Bruen Agent 90 muzzle. This attachment will increase the bullet velocity, harm vary, and recoil smoothness, all of which shall be helpful in long-range engagements. It even suppresses the weapon, which retains you off the radar. We may equip the Heavy-Tac 300, which has the identical stat bonuses because the muzzle.

Follow that up with the VLK LZR 7MW for elevated mobility and stability. For extra bullet velocity, we equip the .300 High Velocity ammunition, which goes to extend the TTK in order that it kills quicker. Lastly, end off the loadout with the Forge Tac Delta 4. The Forge Tac Delta 4 goes that can assist you out in phrases of long-range engagements. Its magnification is greater than sufficient to hold you over the road and kill enemies.

1. Signal 50

In Season 5, the Signal 50 guidelines the Sniper division. It is the most effective Sniper after all of the patches and the ban on the One Shot Snipers in Ranked, and for good cause. It has sufficient harm, a semi-automatic hearth price, a great vary, and harm.

The fact about One Shot Snipers is that it’s a must to be actually constant in aiming. However, with the two-shot semi-autos, two body-shots are straightforward to hit, and it’ll take out most enemies. We are going to construct this weapon as much as be one of many strongest weapons in the sport. It has an 8.7 % decide price in the sport at present. Let us check out the loadout.


  • Muzzle: Nilsound 90 Silencer
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal High Velocity
  • Barrel: 29″ TV Kilo-50
  • Optic: Schlager Night View

First, we are going to begin off with the Nilsound 90 suppressor as a result of it would enhance the weapon’s bullet velocity and suppresses the weapon with the intention to keep off the radar. We comply with that attachment off with the FSS OLE-V Laser, rising the mobility and stability of the weapon, which shall be required for medium to close-range fight.

For the Ammunition, we are going to equip the .50 Cal High Velocity. The High-Velocity Ammunition goes that can assist you kill enemies quicker as a result of it will increase the bullet velocity of the weapon. Follow that up with the 29″ TV Kilo50.

The 29″ TV Kilo-50 is likely one of the greatest barrels in rising hip-fire accuracy, recoil management, harm vary, and bullet velocity. It would possibly decrease the mobility and dealing with, but it surely turns the weapon deadly. Meanwhile, the Schlager Night View is the most effective Optic to make use of for the Signal 50 due to its magnification and the thermal imaging it offers.


For the secondary, we’re going with the one and solely ISO 45. This weapon is at present the most effective SMG in the sport and is viable in medium ranges as effectively. Its hearth price is sweet, mobility is likely one of the greatest in class, and the recoil management is perfect. That is why it’s higher than most SMGs in the sport. We are going to construct it up for velocity and stability so it enhances your sluggish Sniper effectively.

The ISO 45 grew to become essentially the most used SMG in the sport in Season 5. However, if you’re rather more comfy with having steady firepower than a speedy SMG, you can too go along with a TAQ-V. That being stated, allow us to check out the ISO 45.

ISO 45 Attachments

(*5*)An Image of the World Saver Blueprint of the ISO 45

World Saver Blueprint of the ISO 45 (Image by way of Fandom)
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Stock: SK-3 Cheetah Stock
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: EXP Shear
  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85

We begin off with the VLK LZR 7MW as a result of it will increase the mobility and stability of the weapon. We will want it for close-range engagements. After that, we use the SK-3 Cheetah Stock to extend the dash velocity, purpose strolling velocity, ADS velocity, and crouch motion velocity. This will aid you be agile and at all times on the transfer. It additionally will increase strafing.

The 45-Round Magazine goes to raised your ammo administration because it lets you’ve extra bullets. Those will assist as a result of this weapon eats ammo like loopy. For the Rear Grip, we go along with the EXP Shear. The EXP Shear goes to extend the ADS and dash to fireside velocity of the weapon.

Finish the loadout with the Lockshot KT85, which is able to higher the horizontal and vertical recoil of the weapon. It can be going to assist in medium-range gunfights.

Perks and Equipment

For the perks and tools, we are going to go along with a setup that promotes survivability somewhat than aggression since having a Sniper kind of limits you should you can not hit your photographs. Your SMG goes that can assist you get out of a hard state of affairs should you get caught with a Sniper in your arms. The perks will guarantee it’s a seamless transition.

Let us check out all of them.

  • Base Perk 1: Double Time
  • Base Perk 2: Overkill
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: High Alert
  • Lethal: Throwing Knife
  • Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade

We begin off with Double Time because it successfully doubles the length of the tactical dash and crouch motion velocity by 30%. Couple that with Overkill because it helps you to carry a second main in your loadout, that being the ISO 45 in this case.

For the bonus perk, we are going to go along with Fast Hands. The perk is likely one of the greatest in the case of Sniper Support loadouts, because it permits you to change weapons quicker and reload faster. Finish off the loadout with High Alert.

High Alert is likely one of the greatest perks for survivability as your imaginative and prescient goes to pulse each time somebody is winding as much as take a shot at you. For the deadly, we advocate going with a Throwing Knife as a result of it may well immediately kill an enemy on impression.

For the tactical, we advocate going with a Smoke Grenade as a result of it offers good cowl for repositioning or when you’re reviving your teammates. A flexible possibility irrespective of the category loadout.

Why You Should Use These Loadouts

(Image by way of Activision)

These loadouts are constructed with survivability and harm in thoughts. Of course, not each Sniper is identical, which is why we advocate utilizing solely the Top 5 loadouts if you wish to deal lethal harm to your enemies. In addition, the perk setup has a few of the greatest synergies with these loadouts as they complement the second main now we have packed.

The one-shot functionality of a few of these Snipers goes to be vital in Casual Modes. Meanwhile, the Signal 50 and .300 Carrack are going to be an vital a part of Ranked Play must you determine to make use of them there.

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