The Best Skills To Get for Each Phantom Thief in Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica is out now and gamers try out numerous compositions that current essentially the most injury and protection. The game’s difficulty-changing choices enable for a number of experimentation in group compositions. Moreover, this time round, we have now talent timber for characters similar to each AAA recreation. Hence, this rigorously curated article will inform you which abilities are the most effective ones to get for each character in Persona 5 Tactica.


  • The Best Skills For Each Party Member in Persona 5 Tactica
  • Skill Trees and GP: Everything You Should Know
  • Three Types of Skills in the Skill Tree in Persona 5 Tactica
  • The Skills You Should Get for Each Member in Persona 5 Tactica
    • Joker
    • Morgana
    • Erina
    • Ann
    • Ryuji
    • Haru
    • Makoto
    • Yusuke
    • Futaba

The Best Skills For Each Party Member in Persona 5 Tactica

Skills are an essential a part of this specific Persona recreation as they supply the Phantom Thieves with lively or passive buffs. We will break each of these down in some time. However, for now, you could know that there are 9 totally different playable characters they usually have their separate talent timber full of totally different buffs that make them distinctive in the celebration.

Therefore, select members in line with their functionality and talent so you don’t remorse bringing the unsuitable Phantom Thief right into a struggle. That being stated, allow us to check out the idea of the talent tree in this recreation and GP, factors which might be important to purchasing abilities.

Skill Trees and GP: Everything You Should Know

In different Persona video games, your celebration members stage up individually relying on how a lot you employ them. In this recreation, the Phantom Thieves stage up collectively and as an alternative of unlocking talents by gaining ranges, gamers earn new talents by the talent tree.

Now, to unlock these abilities, you will want GP. GP might be earned by taking part in the primary story, finishing facet missions, and talking with the group on the hideout. Remember, there is no such thing as a collective GP rely. Each Phantom Thief has their very own GP rely, which makes it simpler for the gamers to unlock abilities.

In addition, you’ll be able to at all times rebuild your talent timber. Suppose midway by the sport you understand {that a} sure talent tree construct is just not proper for Joker, you will get your GP refunded and rebuild from scratch. You can change your talent tree construct anytime you’ll be able to. Do this as a lot as you’ll be able to since you may want extra offense in a battle and typically the alternative.

Three Types of Skills in the Skill Tree in Persona 5 Tactica

There are three totally different sorts of abilities you should purchase from the Skill Trees of the Phantom Thieves. The first are Offensive and Elemental-based abilities, the second are passive abilities and the third are HP, SP or motion boosts. Let us check out all of them in element.

Elemental/Offensive Skills

When you open the talents menu, the leftmost space of the Skill Tree has Offensive and Elemental-based abilities. This talent tree choice gives you with upgrades for your Persona assaults; elevated space of impact and injury are the choices you get for this talent tree. The final talent on this tree prices 35 GP, you will want to construct as much as that talent by shopping for all the opposite abilities to buy it.

Passive Skills

The names for every defensive talent tree for the Thieves are totally different however they serve the identical objective. In this specific case, it’s concerning the passive buffs. You can discover that that is the center column of the talent tree. These abilities embody follow-up assault buffs, celebration boosts, and a cost bonus offered for not shifting the complete flip.

The last passive talent prices 30 GP.

Support Skills

This is the rightmost column of a Skill Tree in the sport and it contains all HP and SP buffs. These embody recovering HP after an All Out Attack or gaining SP when ending a flip and extra buffs associated to those two stats.

The backside 5 abilities of the tree are the identical for each Phantom Thief, granted the unlocking order for every of them differs. In addition, we suggest prioritizing Futaba’s Skill Tree for these passive buffs.

Futaba’s Skill Tree requires extra GP than the others however gives helpful passive boosts. They give the complete celebration the standing impact when bought. These embody therapeutic through the center of a battle, nullifying assaults, and replenishing the SP. We suggest upgrading Futaba’s abilities on occasion.

The Skills You Should Get for Each Member in Persona 5 Tactica

Now that we all know what Skill Trees are, how one can improve them, and how much abilities you should purchase, allow us to have a look at three of the most effective abilities you should purchase for every attainable celebration member in order that you recognize which of them to prioritize. These abilities will at all times be current in any construct, regardless of offensive or defensive.


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The chief of the Phantom Thieves can also be a Wildcard able to utilizing a number of Personas. That being stated, there are three totally different abilities it’s best to prioritize for him. Those are Meiha, Despair Boost, and the HP/SP Boost. Let us break them down.


Area of Effect abilities can be far more efficient in opposition to mobs of enemies. This specific talent removes a number of enemies from cowl and prices solely 10 GP to buy. Pair this up with different AoE assaults to simply defeat mobs of enemies.

Despair Boost

This specific talent will increase the general injury performed by Eiha’s abilities, which is what Joker’s elemental is. This may help out a ton when utilizing the AoE assaults we talked about.

HP/SP Boost

It is a given since HP and SP are the lifeblood of Persona and Joker is likely one of the strongest characters to make use of.


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Morgana has at all times been a dependable character resulting from a mixture of injury and therapeutic. In addition, he’s additionally one of many characters who’s already with Joker from the beginning. Thus, utilizing his therapeutic talents can show fairly helpful in the start. Let us see which abilities it’s best to prioritize for him.


One of the explanation why Morgana is essential in the early going is due to this talent. Dia heals the person or another celebration member, permitting for higher survivability and numbers. In reality, that is the primary talent we hope you prioritize when shopping for abilities for this character.


Morgana’s factor is the wind and with it comes some highly effective sweeping talents that may push targets away from cowl to deal extra injury. We suggest that you just buy Magaru so that you could not solely injury a number of enemies on the similar time but in addition sweep them off the duvet.


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The latest character launched in the Persona sequence, Erina is just not a Persona person however can do a number of injury by ranged and melee assaults making her a dependable decide. We suggest constructing the fundamentals up for Erina with using passive abilities.

Emergency Support

A lighter model of Dia, Emergency Support heals slightly HP of the goal it’s meant for. Although it isn’t as efficient as Dia, it’s a great tool to have simply in case.

HP/SP Boost

Just like Joker, it’s best to take into account investing in an HP or an SP increase as a result of having them maxed is a good suggestion by the point the top recreation rolls round.


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Ann is a Fire person and her Persona is likely one of the strongest ones. Naturally, she additionally has therapeutic abilities in Persona 5. However, in this specific version, we’re going to focus solely on two abilities. We are going to double down on her Fire affinity.


Ann’s melee energy is dangerous however her ranged assaults are actually robust. To make the most of that, we’re going to double down on Agilao, one of many highest damaging Fire abilities in Persona video games. With this talent, you are able to do medium Fire injury in addition to inflicting the Burn ailment that cuts down enemy HP each flip.

Burn Boost

Since we’re doubling down on Fire abilities, it is smart to amass this passive increase since it’s going to enhance the injury for all her Fire-based abilities. This mixed with another Fire abilities can simply convey down enemy HP.


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Ryuji is tough hitting and there aren’t any two methods about his playstyle. Throw him face-first into hassle and he’ll get the job performed. We are going to go for each Attack and passive buffs for his construct. Let us see what we have now.

Attack Master

This is an automated talent that casts firstly of each battle and lasts for three turns. This specific talent casts Tarukaja, which will increase the assault energy of the celebration, through the begin of battle which could be very helpful in case you are preventing a number of enemies.

Over Powered

Since assault buffs stack in this recreation, you need to use this talent mixed with Attack Master to wreak havoc in the opposition. This talent basically raises Ryuji’s assault energy when Charge is lively. You can one-shot enemies fairly simply with this talent.


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Haru’s melee is the very best in the sport however her HP wants work. In that approach, Ryuji is far more balanced than her. However, the sooner you end battles, the extra HP you’ll have. That is why, we suggest giving Haru a strive.

Beat Synergy+

This talent will increase the melee assault energy for the entire celebration. Ryuji and Haru may result in superior melee assault energy so we suggest getting at the least certainly one of them in powerful battles.


A mix of Dia and Amrita, this talent cures all standing illnesses and in addition heals slightly HP. This makes Haru top-of-the-line Phantom Thieves to make use of. Not solely she will remedy standing illnesses and heal, but in addition do devastating melee injury. A real icon.


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The Queen of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Makoto might be deadly always. Not solely does she have good HP however she additionally does large numbers in phrases of DPS. That is why, we suggest having her on the celebration more often than not.

Beat Synergy+

With her boosting the assault energy of the group, you’ll be able to simply concentrate on doing injury. Purchasing Beat Synergy+ is the most effective passive you will get for Makoto as a result of it may possibly show you how to eliminate enemies in fewer turns.


Aside from DPS, you too can depart therapeutic as much as Makoto. With Media, you cannot solely heal her, however the entire allies on the similar time, making it a must have talent. Prioritize getting this primary so you’ll be able to breeze previous fights with out casualties.


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Yusuke’s velocity and Ice powers are the spine of the Phantom Thieves. He is just not a egocentric celebration member as there are many abilities that you may get to offer the celebration some kind of benefit firstly of the battle.

Speed Master

Like Ryuji’s automated Rakukaja solid firstly of the battle, Yusuke additionally has one. With Speed Master, you’ll be able to solid Sukukaja firstly of battle will increase the accuracy in addition to the evasion price of the group which might be actually helpful to keep away from and deal injury.

Trigger Synergy+

Just like Beat Energy is for melee assaults, Trigger Synergy is for ranged assaults. Yusuke is the one one who has this passive talent so we suggest that you just decide it up. It will increase the injury you do from ranged assaults.


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Last however not least, Futaba is the navigator of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Although she doesn’t bodily take part in battle, her passive abilities and assist are a very powerful in the case of sticky conditions.

Active Support

Active Support has an opportunity of restoring the entire SP of the allies so simply get this one since it’s the first one. Futaba’s talent set might be costly though she simply has seven abilities. That is why, if you do not need to get all of her abilities, simply get this one.

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