Starfield players warn fast travel can cost you some of the game’s best moments

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Published: 2023-09-06T05:56:34

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-06T05:56:47

If you’ve been fast-traveling in Bethesda’s newly launched Starfield, you is perhaps lacking out on some of the game’s most memorable experiences.

Fast travel has at all times been a contentious function in open-world video games. While it saves time, it usually robs players of the probability to bump into sudden moments.

And now, with Starfield’s huge universe able to be explored, one participant has urged others towards utilizing the fast travel function.

In a post titled, “Don’t use fast travel to teleport from planet to planet,” one Starfield participant explains that by fast touring from planet to planet, others are lacking out on some of the best moments in the sport.

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“At the begin, I used to be fast-traveling for comfort however was unknowingly lacking rather a lot of the game’s content material as a result of of this,” stated the person.

The participant defined their new method to touring in Starfield: “If you’re on a planet, go to your ship, get into the cockpit, press take off, then when in house choose your vacation spot by urgent X on the controller and permit the cutscene to play and arrive at your vacation spot.

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“Don’t teleport/fast travel on to the touchdown level; travel to the planet’s orbit first. Likewise with grav jumps, do it and undergo the cutscene.”

What’s the payoff for this further effort? According to the participant, “This permits for all the random encounters in house to happen, and actually, some of the best stuff I’ve skilled in the sport has been as a result of of this shift in play model. I do know it’s a bit extra work, however you’re lacking out on rather a lot of encounters if you simply teleport in all places.”

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Already, Starfield players have encountered transmissions from unknown ships and random NPCs whereas touring in house. One such second concerned a transmission saying, “We’ve been making an attempt to contact you about your ship’s prolonged guarantee,” a cheeky nod to the spam calls which have reached meme standing.

Another concerned a prankster named “UC Lil Muv” asking if the participant knew the strategy to Uranus, solely to cheekily level out it’s proper behind you.

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So, the subsequent time you’re about to fast-travel in Starfield, think about taking the good distance. As the Reddit person suggests, “Take your time, and the sport will reward you.”

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