Starfield hid a Lord of the Rings Easter egg in the most unlikely place imaginable

Published: 2023-09-06T06:44:47

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-06T06:45:01

Starfield has upped its nerd credit score exponentially with a Lord of the Rings Easter egg. The tidbit in query references a fan-favorite quote that’s been closely memed.

Starfield has lastly completed its early entry interval and its international launch has put the recreation in the palms of Xbox and PC players all over the place. People have been devouring the recreation and speedrunners have even managed to beat it in 3 hours already.

Fans are naturally injecting their very own pop-cultural icons into Starfield through the ship-builder with references to Batman and Star Wars. This isn’t as a consequence of any lack of referential inclusions from Bethesda of course. Far from it.

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Reddit person u/turntrout101 discovered that Bethesda squirreled away a completely positioned Lord of the Rings reference in one of Starfield’s many culinary gadgets. We’ll provide you with a trace: It’s the identical merchandise a participant lately used to indicate off Starfield’s spectacular physics.

That’s proper. Starfield’s potatoes have been used to smuggle in a Lord of the Rings Easter egg. The merchandise description reads: “Can be ready in some ways. Boiled, mashed, used in a stew.”

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This is in reference to Samwise Gamgee’s notorious ‘Po-tay-toes’ monologue in which he berates Smeagol for his fundamental palette. Samwise explains the many potential makes use of for potatoes with the oft-repeated maxim: “Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew”.

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Fans in the thread had been overjoyed with the inclusion of their favourite fantasy saga in Starfield. “This is wonderful,” a person exclaimed. “One of my favourite moments in LotR, and I quote it in my head practically each time somebody says ‘potatoes’.”

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Now that Bethesda has an official Lord of the Rings reference in Starfield, we’d like to see how followers can inject extra. Fellbeast starship anybody?

Starfield potato moundReddit: u/Moozipan

Starfield gamers are wild for potatoes apparently…

This one isn’t the solely iconic Easter egg in Starfield of course. Bethesda has hidden references to iconic sci-fi movies throughout the recreation together with an apparent Star Wars one in the recreation’s achievements.

If you’re looking these achievements or simply wish to get a head begin in your Starfield expertise, try all our useful guides for this space-faring journey.

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