Revives have become a hot commodity in Pokemon Go and players are struggling

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Josh Taylor

Pokemon Go players have been left baffled after Revives have become more and more tough to search out and they’re working out quick, with some having none left in any respect.

Revives have bizarrely become a hot commodity in Pokemon Go. The merchandise was well-known for being pretty frequent, however has now left trainers shortly working out of their giant stashes and being utterly baffled over why Niantic has made them so tough to get.

The Pokemon Go participant Natural-Push2796 merely requested: “Niantic the place are my Revives?” as players chimed in with their very own struggles from their depleting Revive stacks.

“At least I’m not the one one omg I have barely obtained any from presents or Raids or something!” One replied. To which the OP responded: “Don’t even take a look at storage 30% of my Pokemon are lifeless and I have to search out someplace close to 60 Revives to heal all my mons.”

Over time, many trainers have constructed up an nearly limitless quantity of Revives, as many trainers have been unaware of the adjustments and purpose to be extra cautious going ahead. “Yikes, they stopped giving them out simply. I’ll have to attempt to hoard my 286 revives and 459 max revives,” a participant stated.

However, some have been much less lucky and as an alternative came upon the onerous manner. One coach revealed that they “used to have 100 of every, now I have 12 Revives and 7 max revives, Primal Kyogre destroyed me and I haven’t obtained any since.”

Another added: “Right? I assumed I used to be the one one feeling it, greater than 300 Hyper Potions, and no Revives.” This has left some players struggling to finish Raids, akin to “forcing my decrease CP Pokemon to combat Raid bosses as a result of the remaining are lifeless.”

With Revives being much less obtainable, be sure to hold monitor of your strongest Pokemon’s well being and what number of you have to make use of, to keep away from getting wrecked in your Raids or just simply burning them until you have none left.

We have additionally offered a full information on how one can get extra Revives in Pokemon Go.

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