Pokemon VGC pro reveals “80-90%” of tournament competitors hack

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A Pokemon pro has come ahead following controversial tournament bans to shed some mild on the underbelly of the aggressive scene.

The Pokemon VGC scene has been in disarray following a wave of disqualifications within the current World Championships. These disqualifications occurred in August 2023 because of this of stricter testing strategies for hacked or generated Pokemon.

These disqualifications have precipitated some controversy and cut up the aggressive Pokemon neighborhood over the use of “genned” or modified Pokemon in tournaments. Many imagine that the construction of Pokemon could be prohibitive with the very best mons within the meta requiring entry to a number of earlier video games and DLC.

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VGC Corner’s Brady Smith, who was one of the primary to be banned for utilizing modified Pokemon, not too long ago informed their aspect of issues in an interview with Gameland. In this interview, Smith revealed that the use of hacked Pokemon is widespread apply within the tournament scene.

Many of the aggressive Pokemon neighborhood have been understanding of this given the quantity of time and cash that stands as a barrier to entry. Breeding and coaching a aggressive Pokemon is a large time sink and sustaining a meta staff can require gamers to come clean with 5 $60 video games.

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It can be far simpler to make use of a software like PKHex and have a staff created from scratch with all of the relative stats adjusted. It’s vital to notice that in these tournaments, the modified Pokemon all have authorized stats and transfer units and don’t provide a aggressive benefit in battle.

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While it may be disillusioning to some to suppose that a number of high competitors are “dishonest”, it’s apparently a reality of life. “80 to 90% of top-level gamers modify or hack their Pokemon,” Smith defined.

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Given that many Pokemon execs spoke out towards his disqualification and echoed this actual sentiment, it’s not arduous to imagine. “It’s a commerce secret, however everybody ‘within the know’ is aware of this,” Smith reiterated.

Smith is a well-liked Pokemon VGC competitor and followers of the sport have been understandably upset to see him and different favorites disqualified. In an effort to showcase their abilities, YouTuber Pokemon Challenges hosted a tournament that includes Smith and different disqualified gamers on their channel which could be watched above.

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If you’ve been serious about moving into aggressive Pokemon and wish to know find out how to do it with out having to generate a staff, we’ve bought heaps of guides for breeding and coaching.

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