Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Walking Wake best moveset

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launched the highly effective Paradox Pokemon, Walking Wake, however what’s its best moveset in Gen 9? Let’s go over a number of of the best builds for this Water/Dragon-type.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launched Paradox Pokemon to the sport, with Violet model having futuristic monsters and Scarlet model having prehistoric creatures.

One of probably the most sought-after Paradox Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is Walking Wake, which is the Paradox model of Suicune.

Trainers questioning what an excellent moveset is for Walking Wake can discover out all they should know on this helpful information.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet best Walking Wake moveset

All Around Agility Build

This Walking Wake moveset is an all-around good construct for PvP. First off, you’ll need your Walking Wake to have a Modest nature to spice up its huge Special Attack stat whereas hindering its unneeded Attacks stat.

Its Held Item must be Booster Energy, because it prompts Walking Wake’s Protosynthesis capacity with out the necessity to arrange Harsh Sunlight.

As for the strikes themselves, Hydro Steam is Walking Wake’s signature transfer and it’s wonderful. It is an 80 Power Water-type transfer with 100% accuracy. However, it receives a 50% injury buff when utilized in Harsh Sunlight.

Agility is easy and might help increase Walking Wake’s already gargantuan Speed stat even greater.

Draco Meteor is an extremely robust Dragon-type transfer that ought to solely be utilized in sure conditions, as it’s going to decrease the consumer’s Special Attack stat by two levels.

Finally, Hurricane is a good counter for sure Grass-type partitions. Additionally, it’s very efficient in opposition to Rain groups who attempt to counter Protosynthesis as it’s going to at all times hit in Rainy climate. However, be warned that its accuracy dips to 50% if utilized in Harsh Sunlight.

walking wake vibing in area zero cave.

Walking Wake transfer options

Trainers searching for different versatile transfer choices can choose to change out Hurricane for Flamethrower, because it supplies nice injury and kind protection.

Alternately, trainers can forego Agility’s speed-boosting impact in favor of Protect, do you have to need some assured safety.

Aqua Jet and Surf may also make good Water-type additions to Walking Wake’s transfer pool. Surf is a dependable Special Attack when used on a Rain-based crew, whereas Aqua Jet’s elevated precedence is nice for selecting off weak foes.

Finally, Dragon Pulse could make an excellent substitute for Draco Meteor, ought to trainers need one thing a bit extra dependable.

And there you’ve gotten it! That’s our information on Walking Wake’s best moveset in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with some helpful various choices. For extra Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides, take a look at the hyperlinks under:

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