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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launched the lovable Legendary Pokemon, Ogerpon, by the Teal Mask DLC growth. Trainers wanting to make use of this versatile Grass-type competitively could also be questioning what its best moveset is. Let’s go over simply that.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Mask DLC growth included a model new Legendary Pokemon referred to as Ogerpon.

This distinctive Grass-type Legendary got here with a particular mechanic that allowed trainers to alter its kind mixture primarily based on the Mask it held. It might be a Grass, Grass/Fire, Grass/Water, or Grass/Rock-type relying on the Mask.

So, trainers questioning what the best construct for every of Ogerpon’s types can get all they should know from the information beneath.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet best Ogerpon moveset

Builds for every Mask kind

The construct we went with for Ogerpon’s default Teal Mask is an easy offensive moveset.

Ivy Cudgel is a 100 Power Grass-type transfer with 100% accuracy and takes on the kind of no matter masks Ogerpon is carrying. In this kind, it’s nonetheless Grass-type.

Spiky Shield is actually a Grass-type Protect, but when the opponent’s transfer makes contact it would harm them.

Play Rough is a robust Fairy-type bodily assault that may present first rate protection, and the identical goes for Superpower.

Hearthflame Mask Build

Similar to the primary construct, the Hearthflame Mask construct takes benefit of Ogerpon’s uncooked offense and distinctive kind.

Ivy Cudgel will now grow to be a 100 Power Fire-type transfer with 100% accuracy. Trailblaze is an effective Grass-type possibility for chip harm that may elevate Speed by one stage.

Sword Dance will assist enhance Ogerpon’s Attack stat occasion additional, whereas Spiky Shield will help defend it in a pinch.

Wellspring Mask Build

The Wellspring Mask construct is constructed round Attack and longevity, with a handful of strikes to assist hold Ogerpon within the struggle.

Now, Ivy Cudgel will now grow to be a 100 Power Water-type transfer with 100% accuracy.

Horn Leech is a 75 Power Grass-type transfer that may restore Ogerpon’s HP. Additionally, Synthesis can be utilized to heal a serious chunk of HP in a pinch.

Lastly, Leech Seed is a good opener for Ogerpon, as it may present passive therapeutic all through the battle to assist Ogerpon keep in battle even longer.

Cornerstone Mask Build

Finally, the Cornerstone Mask Build is a damage-based construct that additionally gives some utility.

With this construct Ivy Cudgel will now grow to be a 100 Power Rock-type transfer with 100% accuracy.

Quick Attack will help take out opponents who’ve simply barely survived Ivy Cudgel, whereas Knock Off can disrupt any Held Item shenanigans the opponent had deliberate.

Finally, Wood Hammer is a strong Grass-type assault that may deal large harm to opponents.

And there you could have it! That’s our information on Ogerpon’s best moveset in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with builds for every masks. For extra Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides, take a look at the hyperlinks beneath:

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