Pokemon Go players demand “coward” trainers stop leaving Raids

Pokemon Go trainers

Josh Taylor

Pokemon Go players have once more pleaded for fellow trainers to stop being scared and leaving Raids as players are sick of shedding straightforward Raids and losing their passes.

Pokemon GO participant achimpinspace has once more rallied the requires fellow players to “stop leaving Raids!” This has turn into a standard development among the many participant base, through which trainers will typically exit out of group celebration Raids as a result of them not believing they may win them and get the rewards.

The participant broke down their irritating expertise: “I used to be in a gaggle of seven (together with myself) and everybody left with lower than 5 seconds, I couldn’t react in time. There goes a distant Raid Pass since you morons assume you want 20 trainers to defeat one of many best ‘exhausting’ Raids within the sport.

“P. Groudon has a x4 weak point to water, a splash may take him out however individuals are nonetheless being cowards. To say that I’m p**sed off is an understatement.”

The neighborhood quickly flooded in to share their annoyance: “How about this. If you’ll bail out of a Raid, do it earlier than 30 seconds. It provides everybody an opportunity to not lose a Raid Pass.” Others gave varied options that labored for them.

A preferred suggestion was to “create a battle celebration with no Pokemon. Swipe to that throughout the countdown timer. When it hits 0, you gained’t enter the Raid, you gained’t but use a go. When you discover everybody leaving, you’ll be able to then run no go used.”

Despite trainers praising this Raid repair, with one stating: “Not all heroes put on capes,” others hit again at Niantic for it being an ongoing situation within the first place.

A participant replied: “While this can be a nice workaround, customers shouldn’t be pressured to enact janky workarounds to what’s basically a design flaw within the sport’s User Interface design. Alas, it’s higher than nothing, as a result of it’s unlikely Niantic will do something to enhance the User Experience for OP’s described scenario.”

Another identified that “you may get your passes again you probably have proof that they left,” which you are able to do by instantly emailing Niantic via the app and offering screenshots. This is what one coach did: “Thank god I had proof and acquired my go again. My boyfriend advised me about it as a result of I used to be visibly upset after utilizing my cash I saved up from defeating gyms.”

Niantic has lengthy been recognized to not make any modifications or enhancements to Raids or different current options in Pokemon Go. This left the neighborhood unconvinced that the builders would implement an official in-game answer sooner or later.

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