One of NASA’s new spacesuits passes microgravity test

Collins Aerospace, a personal firm employed to create spacesuits to be used exterior the International Space Station (ISS), has tested its suit aboard a industrial microgravity flight, passing a milestone that lets engineers transfer ahead towards important design evaluate.

NASA outsourced the design of new spacesuits in 2022 after spending 15 years attempting to develop new fits by itself. Collins Aerospace said the go well with is lighter and has much less quantity than the “enhanced” Extravehicular Mobility Units that present NASA astronauts use. It may be modified when missions change and match a a lot wider vary of physique sorts much more simply than the older fits which are primarily based on designs which are a long time outdated.

During the test, the airplane executed “roller-coaster-like maneuvers” to induce weightlessness and permit somebody sporting a prototype to see if it truly lets somebody transfer round in it beneath these situations. As seen within the video under, they tried issues like navigating by doorways in zero-G.

Collins Aerospace’s subsequent test will put the go well with in a vacuum chamber to see the way it performs within the vacuum of area, whereas a test beneath 40 ft of water at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Texas will simulate microgravity for spacewalk coaching. 

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