NiKo’s CS2 settings: Config, resolution, viewmodel, DPI, sensitivity & more

g2 esports niko settings

Alan Bernal

G2 Esports talisman Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač is reaching his celebrity kind as soon as once more. As considered one of CS2’s finest, these seeking to replicate NiKo’s in-game surroundings might be to see all the things from his decision, mouse settings, and viewmodel.

There are hundreds of how to fine-tune CS2 settings. While everybody has totally different preferences, seeing what the highest gamers use generally is a massive assist in discovering the appropriate changes that match a person’s playstyle.

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Don’t be stunned if CS2 settings from folks like s1mple or ZywOo really feel odd to make use of. Every professional finds what works for them, nevertheless it ought to present lots of perception on what the highest gamers want.

NiKo’s settings for CS2


NiKo’s mouse settings

NiKo makes use of a Zowie S2 mouse and he has a gradual 400 DPI that he accompanies with a 1.51 in-game sensitivity. Whether its with a rifle or an AWP, this sens offers you nice management to hit photographs with accuracy, when you work in your goal that’s.

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NiKo’s Crosshair

NiKo’s crosshair isn’t fairly a dot however there’s hardly any room within the reticle’s 4 traces. It’s good for exact photographs and the white hue makes it simple to refocus on what lies forward.

For individuals who need to experiment with NiKo’s crosshair, simply copy these settings into the console.


NiKo’s monitor and resolution

As far as monitors go, NiKo uses a ZOWIE XL2566K that easily pumps out frames with its high refresh rate.

Similar to a lot of old-school pros, NiKo plays on a stretched resolution. If you’re going to try it out yourself, then make sure to get a few reps in deathmatch to really get accustomed to the visual and spatial changes it has on your game.

Video settings

Like most elite CS2 pros, NiKo basically has all of his graphics set to low except for a few. Go to your CS2 video settings to make the proper adjustments.


A CS2 Viewmodel gives players the tools to chance the position and settings of different aspects on the screen like your character’s hands and more.

Load up the codes below to get NiKo’s viewmodel with a simple tweak inside of the CS2 command prompt.

NiKo’s equipment

Launch Options

To copy all of NiKo’s launch options, take a quick look down below and copy every setting into your CS2 properties tab via the Stream library:

-noforcemaccel, -noforcemspd, -noforcemparms, -tickrate 128, -Freq 240, -novid, -console

NiKo’s CS2 config

To copy all of NiKo’s CS2 config settings, including his keybinds and more, you can do so by downloading his config.

You can download NiKo’s config here.

For making use of the config, you’ll must take the .cfg file and add it to your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive folder, normally positioned in Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivecsgocfg.

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