Most valuable Pokemon Energy cards you can add to your TCG collection

Looking for the very best and most valuable Pokemon power cards you can add to your TCG collection? Here are the power cards to look out for, together with Hyper Rare Golden energies, World Attendees and Staff Energy cards, and Holofoil energies.

Given the introduction of latest Golden Pokemon cards, also called Hyper Rare Energy Cards and Rare Holofoil Energy Cards with printing variations, some followers will discover a great deal of alternatives to add some stunning and distinctive cards to their collection.

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Pokemon power cards traditionally don’t fluctuate a lot in worth, and have a tendency to have low commerce quantity. This can make them a extra secure funding, which is all the time worthwhile in a TCG which can be so up and down.

While you can merely take a look at the costliest power cards, there are some simpler to acquire ones and distinct classes to look out for too.

These classes, Staff, World Championship cards, Promos, and Secret Energies, then Holofoils and at last misprints and Holo energies with further swirls will take you from probably the most to the least valuable Pokemon TCG power cards.

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However, there are exceptions, as the costliest cards received’t be listed on TCGplayer. Instead, you’ll have to look on public sale websites. We’ve listed a few public sale costs for Holofoil Rares from eBay within the final part – you could be shocked on the worth tags, although!


Top 10 costliest Pokemon Energy Cards

The costliest power cards are sometimes the World championship attendee cards, adopted by secret power cards, then the more moderen golden Pokemon cards favored by gamers who don’t thoughts spending a bit further on their decks, then different holo power cards and different promo cards.

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You can get dearer uncommon and graded cards at public sale, for instance, this 1st version 9 mint Grass Energy that will set you again $17,971. However, we’re sticking to cards that you can simply purchase on-line.

Staff cards

Cards stamped with “Staff” are extremely uncommon, and generally characteristic distinctive artwork. These cards used to be handed out to card retailers that organized occasions, in addition to to employees at greater occasions and championships.

After being discontinued in 2020, collectors count on them to see a surge in worth. They’re extremely collectable, and lots of are undervalued. Here’s an instance of a Staff card that’s on the high of our worth checklist.

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Double Colorless Energy (Staff)

Double Colorless Energy Pokemon TCG cardPokemon
  1. Name: Double Colorless Energy – 90/108 (North America Championships) [Staff]
  2. Year launched: 2016
  3. Card Value: $148.95

These cards had been gifted to gamers and employees between 2016-2017. Mainly, the employees variations of those cards are listed and so they’re fairly dear. There are additionally high 8 and champion variations of the cardboard which aren’t available besides at public sale.

World Championship Cards

Outside of auctions, it’s not straightforward to get ahold of world attendee and championship and participant reward power cards. However, followers can get ahold of those reprint units that pay homage to the prize winners’ decks that are the subsequent greatest issues.

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Double Rainbow Energy – 2005 (Michael Gonzalez)

Double Rainbow Energy CardPokemon
  1. Name: Double Rainbow Energy
  2. Year launched: 2005
  3. Card Value: $10.22

This card belongs to one of many ‘King of the West Coast’ World Championship starter deck, named by Michael Gonzales and that includes his signature. The beautiful cards characteristic a silver border and a particular again, however will not be event authorized.

Multi Energy

Multi Energy Chris Fulop Pokemon TCG cardPokemon
  1. Name: Multi Energy
  2. Year launched: 2004
  3. Card Value: $4.99

This card is from the runner-up Blaziken tech deck, an extremely widespread RAMBO deck archetype from the 2004 championships. It was utilized by Chris Fulop to nice impact, and this signed card was one in every of 4 commemorative decks launched to mark the occasion.

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Note that the ‘Jumbo’ version of this card costs a lot more at $65.

Player Reward and Play! Pokemon Energy Cards:

Water Energy (2011 Player Reward)

Water energy Pokemon TCG cardPokemon
  1. Name: Water Energy
  2. Year launched: 2011
  3. Card Value: $38.02

This Water Energy card was given as a Play! Pokemon reward to opponents within the 2011-2012 season. It options a gorgeous design with a Lugia silhouette and a whirlpool spiral within the background.

The crosshatch sample on the cardboard floor makes it straightforward to distinguish Pokemon cards which had been like this one, awarded at a Play! Pokemon occasion.

Multi Energy (Player Reward)

Multi Energy Pokemon TCG cardPokemon

1. Name: Multi Energy

2. Year launched: 2003 3. Card worth: $89.04

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Multi Energy was launched through the Advanced period of Pokemon as a part of the second major enlargement set known as Ex Sandstorm. This valuable Energy card was given out as a reward to opponents at occasions through the Wizards of the West Coast period.

Call Energy (Player Reward)

Call Energy Pokemon TCG cardPokemon
  1. Name: Call Energy
  2. Year launched: 2008
  3. Card Value: $42.91

A Holo version of this Call Energy was given as a Player Reward to opponents who made the Tier Two degree of the 2011-2012 aggressive season. It options the distinctive crosshatch sample given to League Promos.

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Darkness Energy, 2011 (Play! Pokemon reward)

Pokemon TCG Darkness Energy EX Ruby & Saphire setPokemon
  1. Name: Darkness Energy (Special)
  2. Year launched: 2003
  3. Card Value: $73.49

The EX Ruby and Sapphire period was the primary set produced by Nintendo after it took over from the Wizards of the West Coast period. It’s a particular set as a result of it’s believed to have ‘saved’ The Pokemon TCG.

This uncommon Darkness Energy was one of many first participant rewards printed by Nintendo throughout this new period.

Psychic Energy (Play! Pokemon reward)

Psychic energy Pokemon TCG cardPokemon
  1. Name: Psychic Energy
  2. Year launched: 2011
  3. Card Value: $13.95

This reverse holofoil Psychic Energy with a crosshatch sample incorporates a sunlit background and the silhouette of an Espeon. Already a gorgeous and uncommon card, it was additionally given out as a Play! Pokemon reward too which elevated its worth to collectors.

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Other notable League Championship cards:

cool energy cards with sudowudo etcPokemon

These Pokemon League and Championship power cards characteristic a crosshatched foil design that units them aside from others. They’re valuable Pokemon Energy cards which additionally look nice.

Plus, gathering them comes with the added bonus of proudly owning part of the historical past of Play! Pokemon competitions.

Call of Legends

The Call of Legends Energy cards are particular. The set was launched in 2011 and featured stunning shiny legendary Pokemon. These Energy cards specifically are fairly valuable due to the silhouettes of their backgrounds.

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The cards are practically equivalent to the league promo cards above in design, nevertheless they lack the distinguishable crosshatch sample.

Secret and Hyper Rare Golden power cards:

The rarest of the Golden Basic Energy cards is the Fairy-type power which was launched as a part of the 2017 Burning Shadows enlargement to the Sun & Moon set. It is so uncommon as a result of it was solely printed as soon as. Although lots of Burning Shadows packs had been printed, it was the one set to characteristic the now discontinued Fairy-type Pokemon.

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The card prices $50.06, and has been rising in worth since its launch, greater than recovering losses from following a dip in July 2023.

Golden Secret and Hyper Rare Basic Energy Pokemon TCG CardsPokemon

Secret Rare, Golden, Basic Pokemon Energy Cards

The above Pokemon cards are sometimes thought of Hyper Rare cards, or Secret Rare cards and are simply distinguishable as they’re Golden. Besides the Basic Fairy Energy card, these cards have largely maintained secure costs since launch and value within the vary of $4-20.

Not talked about right here is the Secret Rare Special Energy card, Counter Energy which has remained at a humble however constant worth of over $7 for many of 2023.

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Golden Special Energy Cards:

These particular power cards have two further advantages. One, they supply an added impact apart from power, ie. offering a number of sorts of power or a number of energies in a single card. Two, they’re Golden and look wonderful as a part of your collection.

Golden Secret Rare Special Energy CardsPokemon

To be taught extra about Golden Pokemon Cards take a look at our Gold Pokemon Cards defined article.

Holofoil and Reverse Holofoil power cards:

Rainbow Energy Holo Rare – Team Rocket

Rainbow Energy Pokemon TCG CardPokemon
  1. Name: Rainbow Energy (Special Energy Card)
  2. Year launched: 2000
  3. Card Value: $30.34

The authentic Special Energy card: Rainbow Energy was launched as a part of the fifth enlargement to The Pokemon TCG: the Team Rocket enlargement. It’s so particular as a result of it was the very first ever Holofoil Energy card. The final time it was reprinted was within the 2018 Celestial Storm enlargement.

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Potion Energy: Reverse Holo – Legendary Collection

Potion Energy Legendary CollectionPokemon
  1. Name: Potion Energy – Legendary Collection
  2. Year launched: 2002
  3. Card Value: $34.84

It was first launched as a part of the Legendary Collection enlargement in 2002, which featured reprints from the Team Rocket enlargement. The set was the primary to characteristic Reverse Holofoil cards. Although the listed commonplace worth is $34, Graded, Reverse Holofoil variations of the cardboard can fetch over $1000 at public sale.

Along with Full Heal power, this card was the primary to present a secondary impact as well as to power, making it a ‘Special Energy’ card. Full Heal power fetches considerably decrease costs.

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Rainbow Energy – Team Rocket

Rainbow Energy Team Rocket Pokemon TCG cardPokemon
  1. Name: Rainbow Energy – Team Rocket
  2. Year launched: 2002
  3. Card Value: $34.84

This Rainbow Energy was additionally launched as a League Promo within the final Wizards of the West Coast event of the season, in addition to for high 3 opponents. Those are lots harder to observe down.

This explicit model is from the 2000 Team Rocket set, and options a gorgeous atom-like power icon and a holographic again. The card has a market worth of round $30.34 on the time of writing and can make a surprising addition in a Team Rocket or Energy card collection.

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Misprint Energy cards and Extra Swirls

Energy cards are secure investments, and regardless of the dearth of consideration they sometimes obtain they can characteristic stunning backgrounds and different inventive touches that set them aside from the remainder. We haven’t coated the widespread consideration that the newer units, like Pokemon 151 have garnered for his or her misprints.

These misprint cards are quite a few and various, and are straightforward to spot. Since lots of collectors completely love them, it’s value posting a photograph of it within the Pokemon Misprint Sub Reddit in case somebody is aware of how a lot it would value or desires to make you a proposal.

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It’s vital to distinguish that the extra swirls your Holo Energy cards have, the extra uncommon they’re. So, if you pull an Energy card with numerous swirls, or some well-placed swirls within the background, ensure that to put it in a sleeve immediately and put up it on Reddit. You would possibly simply discover a collector on the market who’s keen to pay or commerce you greater than you’d count on for it.

If you click on on a product hyperlink on this web page we could earn a small affiliate fee.

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