James Bond Owner Didn’t Want Another Video Game Until Hitman Developer Pitched Project 007

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The James Bond rights holders weren’t thinking about making one other online game till Hitman developer IO Interactive pitched Project 007.

As reported by GamesRadar, IO Interactive co-owners Hakan Abrak and Christian Elverdam informed Edge Magazine that they had a tough time convincing the James Bond house owners to allow them to make a recreation in that universe, with poorly obtained latest releases maybe placing them off.

“Our impression was clearly that [at the time] they weren’t searching for a recreation,” mentioned Abrak. “And I feel it is honest that they won’t have been tremendous pleased with a few of the later video games.”

There hasn’t been a James Bond launch shortly, however the newest two have been 2010’s 007: Blood Stone (which IGN mentioned was mediocre) and 2012’s 007 Legends (which IGN mentioned was dangerous).

Compared to those extra conventional shooter experiences, Elverdam mentioned IO interactive as a substitute proposed an entry much less centered on infinite violence and extra on being a spy that solely took down crucial targets, which sounds so much just like the Hitman video games.

Project 007 was introduced in 2020 however IO interactive nonetheless hasn’t mentioned tons about it. We do know it’s going to have an authentic story, nevertheless, and Elverdam has beforehand referred to as it an “agent fantasy”. The developer can be placing Hitman on hiatus whereas it really works on the James Bond recreation.

It will nonetheless have a lot to maintain busy with, in fact, as IO Interactive introduced in February that a web-based fantasy RPG can be in improvement on the studio. “We are embarking on a brand new journey. One that expands our creativity, our capabilities, and in some sense our id. We are constructing a brand new world, a brand new IP: a web-based fantasy RPG,” it mentioned on the time.

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