Jake Paul is going viral for his answer to Sneako’s controversial question about the number of genders

A clip from Sneako and Adin Ross’s current collaborative stream is going viral after they met Jake Paul in a fitness center and had fairly a controversial interplay. The two streamers are recognized to be embroiled in a number of scandals of their profession, particularly for their views on gender and trans points. In the quick video that has been shared a number of occasions by viewers on X (previously Twitter), the youthful Paul brother offers a fairly controversial answer to a question requested by one of them.

Nicolas “Sneako” at present streams on Rumble and is recognized for his problematic takes about gender roles and the LGBTQ+ group. Adin Ross, the face of Kick streaming, has additionally been recognized to go on anti-trans rants, and after they met Jake, the former streamer requested the boxer about the number of genders:

“Hey Jake, what number of genders are there?”

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To which Jake Paul made a crass joke, answering:

“There’s truly three. Male, feminine and mentally unwell.”

Watch: Jake Paul solutions Sneako’s question about genders, says the third gender is referred to as “mentally unwell”

Both of the Paul brothers have seen a justifiable share of controversy just lately, with Logan at present being constantly trolled on social media by Dillon Danis about his fiance Nina Agdal. While Jake has talked about the concern, many have referred to as him out for utilizing the alternative to promote his app moderately than defend his brother.

Coming to the clip from the current stream, the motive why Sneako requested Jake Paul about genders was as a result of he was speaking about a girl, and the Rumble streamer made a problematic comment, asking if she was trans or “regular.”

To which Jake Paul replied:

“(Laughing) Uh, she is truly, bro. Yeah you bought to ask today, it is a good question.”

Many of Sneako’s and Jake’s followers have soundly supported his assertion on social media, with many mentioning how totally different the answer would have been if it was Logan Paul.

Some additionally insinuated that an apology is likely to be forthcoming if there is adequate backlash.

Recent controversies surrounding gender and pronouns have dominated social media, with Bethesda’s blockbuster recreation launch of Starfield additionally getting mired in the controversy after some content material creators had meltdowns over the character creator having an possibility to select gender pronouns for their character.

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