“I’mma Put These Paws on You!”: ‘Offended’ Shaquille O’Neal Threatened Kenny Smith for ‘Falsely Accusing’ Him of Being Late On Inside the NBA

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Shaquille O’Neal is an NBA legend who’s remembered for his immense measurement and dominance on the courtroom. However, though he’s a power to be reckoned with, the Big Diesel has at all times had a delicate soul. As such, he isn’t precisely the greatest fan of being picked on or referred to as out. So, when Kenny Smith falsely accused him of being late to set on Inside The NBA again in 2022, Shaq was furious. He vehemently denied these accusations and even proceeded to jokingly threaten Kenny, by suggesting he would put his “paws” on him.

Growing up, Shaq lived in a navy family. His stepfather, Sgt. Phillip Harrison was an essential male determine in his life and instilled in him many of the traits he shows right now. He was typically on the receiving finish of beatings from Harrison however discovered quite a bit from him too. His father’s navy background taught him the significance of self-discipline. This is one thing that has helped him construct his $400,000,000 empire.

Shaquille O’Neal as soon as threatened Kenny Smith after the latter slyly referred to as him out for being late

In 2022, whereas Shaquille O’Neal was passionately discussing his interactions with some of the coaches he’s had in life, he was unexpectedly put on the receiving finish of a sly dig. His crewmate, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, mocked him, calling him out for being late to the set of Inside The NBA. This didn’t sit effectively with The Big Aristotle.

His response was each chilly and two-pronged. First, he identified that he has at all times been punctual, and that in actuality, he wasn’t late to the set. Speaking to at least one of the producers, he confirmed for Smith and all these current, together with Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley that he was on set by 6:29 and the present had began at 6:30. So, technically he wasn’t late.

The second response was way more hilarious. Delivering a threatening line to Kenny, he warned him to by no means ever act humorous on TV ever once more. Why? Well, as a result of if he did, the 7’1″, 325-pound Shaq wouldn’t hesitate to place his fingers on him. Unsurprisingly, Kenny backed down. Although he did handle to make one other sly comment, this time about Pat Riley.

“If you attempt to be humorous on TV once more, I’m gonna put these paws on you!”

It is secure to say Kenny hasn’t tried to behave sensible with the large man since then. More typically than not Shaq is a laid-back particular person. He loves cracking a couple of jokes and may even giggle at his personal expense. Still, poking the bear an excessive amount of. And on that day, Shaq reminded the whole Inside The NBA set of that.

Shaq and Chuck as soon as threatened to hit Kenny after he “disrespected” Ernie Johnson

The theme of Kenny Smith disrespecting others on set appears to be a typical one. Apart from his sly digs in the direction of Shaquille O’Neal, he has focused different members of the crew as effectively. Just not too long ago, following the Lakers’ Playoff match in opposition to the Golden State Warriors in the convention semi-finals, he took a tone with Ernie Johnson.

Disagreeing with Ernie with regard to a possible Dubs comeback, Kenny’s tone didn’t please Charles Barkley. The Round Mound of Rebound then warned The Jet. He knowledgeable him that this was the second evening in a row he “talked down” to Ernie and that whereas Ernie could also be tremendous with it, he and Shaq wouldn’t stand for it, threatening to hit him if he ever did it once more.

Kenny actually wants to begin realizing who he’s round when he makes these controversial statements. After all, Shaq and Chuck are two of the greatest guys in the world of sports activities. Smith can be in for a world of ache if he ever ended up on their unhealthy aspect.

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