Fortnite player pulls off insane clutch win while “rocket riding” in Season OG

fn player rocket riding

A Fortnite player has completed the extraordinary by rocket driving to victory in Season OG. The video that was uploaded by the player went viral attributable to a exceptional strategy of how they clutched the win. Here’s how the group reacted.

Fortnite, the enormously widespread Battle Royale recreation is reaching its zenith with the introduction of Season OG as gamers are again on the Chapter 1 island. This time round, nevertheless, there aren’t simply the OG gamers but additionally the newer gamers who’re taking part in on the basic map for the primary time.

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This has resulted in the identical OG veterans now education newer gamers with some Chapter 1 tips and using these themselves when taking part in the Battle Royale. Riding a rocket launched from a Rocket Launcher is one instance of such a tough transfer in Fortnite.

Since rocket driving is so well-liked amongst OG Fortnite gamers and streamers, a player has now pulled off an insane clutch win with it. Let’s try what the player did and the way the group reacted to it.

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Fortnite player clutches Victory Royale utilizing insane rocket driving trick

A consumer named bobrt shared a clip of their Fortnite Season OG gameplay the place they managed to clutch a win utilizing an insane approach from the Chapter 1 days. The player right here first fired a rocket proper above them and grappled so they might trip it greater in the sky.

Once they had been excessive sufficient, they fired Grenade Launcher pictures at their opponent and rapidly used a Rift-to-Go earlier than falling to the bottom. To their shock, the grenade pictures had been sufficient to remove their opponent, thus granting them a Victory Royale.

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Popular dataminer HYPEX shared the clip on X saying, “Bro thinks he’s Toji Fushiguro”. A consumer additional commented, “Who let bro prepare dinner”. Another chimed in, “10x cooler than any trickshot I’ve seen of my feed to date”. A 3rd added, “You can grapple rockets?”.

As Fortnite Season OG continues to deliver huge gamers and viewers alongside, streamers and gamers are discovering new methods to seize a win in the sport.

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