Every identity Carol Danvers used in Marvel Comics before she was Captain Marvel

Ahead of The Marvels, check out each superhero identity Carol Danvers had in the comics, from Ms. Marvel to Binary and past. 

The MCU does some heavy work streamlining Carol Danvers. The movie model jumps straight to her Captain Marvel identity, seemingly totally fashioned and carrying many of the authentic Mar-Vell’s backstory (although a few of that was nonetheless shared with Annette Benning’s Wendy Lawson). 

It’s not so easy in the comics, although. Carol Danvers’ Marvel History is a protracted and traumatic one, even by the usual of the comics. Isolation, amnesia, assault, and alcoholism outlined Carol for many years before she was allowed to return into her personal. 

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It’s a protracted story that features a few of Marvel’s most controversial tales, but it surely’s one which by some means ends with Carol Danvers changing into some of the revered heroines in comics. And, like every other heroine, it wouldn’t be full with out Carol taking over a large number of costumes and identities. 

Every Carol Danvers codename and identity in Marvel Comics

Ahead of The Marvels, or if you happen to’re simply catching up on comics, right here’s each codename Carol Danvers used before changing into Captain Marvel

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Ms. Marvel #1 cover artMarvel Comics

An accident grants Carol Danvers Kree powers and a cut up character, resulting in the creation of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers makes her debut in Marvel Super Heroes, however she’s removed from the heroine followers know at the moment. Carol is initially launched as an Air Force officer assigned to the identical base as Dr. Walter Lawson, the alias of the Kree warrior Mar-Vell

Mar-Vell would defect from the Kree and turn into the heroic Captain Marvel, with Carol enamored by each Lawson and Marvel. During her adventures alongside Mar-Vell, she can be uncovered to an explosion generated by a Kree machine referred to as the Psyche-Magnetron, which modifications her physiology. 

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For a time, Carol had a cut up character, with Carol Danvers and her Ms. Marvel persona working unaware of one another. Carol would ultimately acquire management of her powers and turn into a robust Marvel heroine and revered member of the Avengers. 

Carol Danvers becomes BinaryMarvel Comics

An evolution of her powers made Carol extra highly effective than ever, resulting in her Binary identity.


Carol ultimately splits from the Avengers, livid that they deserted her to a person who claimed to be the son of Immortus. She finds herself entangled with the X-Men by happenstance when Rogue, on the time a member of the evil Brotherhood, makes an attempt to soak up her powers. 

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Rogue absorbed almost all of Ms. Marvel’s powers and recollections, whereas Carol was left amnesiac. Though the X-Men assist her get better her recollections, she abandons her life as she has no emotional attachments. She stays with the X-Men for a time, ultimately winding up in house the place her powers evolve once more. 

Channeling the ability of a star, a supercharged Carol takes on the identity of Binary and is presumably stronger than ever. With her new powers permitting her to outlive in house unaided, Carol takes go away of the X-Men and explores house with the Starjammers. 

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Carol Danvers is first implied to be an alcoholicMarvel Comics

The late ’90s and early ’00s noticed Carol’s character start combating alcohol abuse.


Years later, Carol would discover her powers reducing. Losing the flexibility to shift into her Binary type, she rejoins the Avengers, adopting the brand new codename Warbird. 

Carol underwent her most important character modifications throughout this era. The years of isolation and trauma manifested as an alcohol dependency, which led to her being briefly faraway from the Avengers. Carol would return to the crew because of Iron Man, whose personal experiences with alcoholism fashioned a bond between the 2 that survives to this present day. 

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Carol ultimately leaves the crew once more following the occasions of Avengers Disassembled and begins working intently with the federal government’s efforts to observe superhumans. This most notably included serving to a brand new crew of Thunderbolts whereas working for Homeland Security, serving as one thing of a superpowered parole officer. 

Giant Size Ms. Marvel #1 cover artMarvel Comics

Inspired by an alternate timeline model of herself, Carol Danvers returns to her Ms. Marvel identify.

Ms. Marvel (Again)

While your complete Marvel Universe was affected by House of M, maybe none had been as shocked to actuality as Carol. She was a model of herself at her peak in the altered timeline. Carol was a beloved, revered hero and, most surprisingly, used the Captain Marvel codename. 

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Carol was one of many few heroes to recollect the House of M timeline, and the considered a universe the place she was at her greatest motivated her. Leaving her authorities roles behind, Carol returned to the Ms. Marvel identity as a method to embrace her superhero previous. 

Renewed, Carol’s efforts as Ms. Marvel went a protracted method to redefining what her identity meant to her. She would once more be part of the Avengers, main Iron Man’s crew of Mighty Avengers following Civil War and changing into a revered heroine as soon as once more. 

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Carol Danvers as Captain MarvelMarvel Comics

Honoring Mar-Vell’s sacrifice and legacy, Carol Danvers lastly embraces the Captain Marvel identity.

Captain Marvel

An encounter with the Kree and the Phoenix Force led to the shock resurrection of Mar-Vell. However, it wouldn’t final lengthy, as Mar-Vell would sacrifice himself to avoid wasting the universe from the Phoenix. 

Inspired but once more by Mar-Vell and his sacrifice, Carol lastly assumed the identity of Captain Marvel to honor his legacy. It got here together with a brand new look, angle, and stance on her place in the universe. 

There’s no denying Carol’s stepped up her recreation as Captain Marvel. She’s rapidly turn into one among Marvel’s most distinguished superheroes, to not point out essentially the most highly effective. Carol can also be presently leading a brand-new team of Avengers she assembled herself, cementing her legacy as one among Marvel’s most vital characters. 

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