Episode 7 – The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior

The Cold-Hearted Princess and the quitter? Who is the quitter? It, absolutely, can’t be Chancellor Gilbert Butler, as a result of that may break my coronary heart.

In episode seven of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior, there is a two-yr time skip. Arthur turns into a Knight, Stale will get glasses (Does he want glasses although? Was his eyesight dangerous earlier than? I digress)— and we study a lot extra concerning the extremely sus blue-haired Gilbert.

Gilbert has low-key been annoying the entire sequence, his vibe is simply off and also you’re similar to “What’s up with this man?”

We discover out that he is simply actually determined to heal his dying fiancee, Maria (Marianne).


An enchanting love story unveils earlier than our very eyes. Maria is highborn however suffers an sickness and is compelled to keep at dwelling. She sneaks out at evening and runs into Gilbert, a difficult boy of low social standing.

Gilbert’s coronary heart is melted by her kindness and naïveté, in addition to her healthful perspective.



Their friendship blossoms and he transforms, abandoning his nefarious methods, and beginning to higher himself. Then Maria will get a fiancé — and Gilbert is heartbroken, tears fill his eyes when she reveals the reality.


Despite that fiancé announcement, Maria and Gil find yourself collectively years later. He finds out his skill is everlasting youth, works his tail off, turns into the Chancellor, proposes and he or she accepts.


Then she will get an incurable illness.



And, initially, it will get even sadder as a result of Mean Pride makes Gilbert promise her 5 years of labor in alternate for enacting a invoice that may assist monitor down a healer— and proper after the invoice passes, Maria dies.


Fortunately, Nice Pride would not do him like that. She places on a baddie outfit and lets him know Maria is dying that evening— WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. SADNESS!!

So, I did like this episode as a result of in case you did not discover: the curler coaster. Gilbert has now develop into very likable in 20 minutes and I need Nice Pride to in some way save the day as a result of I do not like unhappy issues and every thing has to be glad in Nice Pride’s world! Please!!

I hate the animation on this anime rather a lot, however these starry evening romantic scenes actually acquired me— stunning and ideal. The sword struggle… not a lot, however, total, I loved this episode vastly as a result of I used to be shocked by the change-up!? Gilbert is definitely good— and has a tragic, but pretty romance(?). Really hope Nice Pride will help out our blue-haired boy!

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