Episode 7 – Reign of the Seven Spellblades


I do know the burning query, pricey readers, is now that Reign of the Seven Spellblades has let its proverbial cat out of the bag, the place will we go from right here? What will the precise trajectory of its story embody? That’s to say nothing of the query of how I’ll fill out these evaluations now that I am unable to endlessly speculate on the massive, now-delivered plot twist. So now that it is revealed Oliver’s true intentions and the depths of corruption on this world and the establishment of Kimberly, what new topics can this sequence ambitiously method?

Gender, apparently.

Yes, now that we soundly know why Oliver is the primary character, it is time for Seven Spellblades to get to creating the members of his self-chosen pal circle who aren’t Nanao, and this week we kick off with Pete. Pete’s going by that magical time in a younger wizard’s life; Your physique is rising in sudden methods, you begin feeling odd urges, and typically you get up as a distinct intercourse, you understand how it’s. All jokes apart, it’s an fascinating concept to open up on, particularly as Seven Spellblades has carried out itself to date on not making instantly clear the place it was going with any specific plot aspect. There’s trepidation about the way it would possibly deal with such a fraught topic, particularly given the way it simply form of petered out on the entire “rights of magical creatures and the radicalization of those that combat for them” factor.

Pete’s scenario can also be only one aspect marking the present’s transfer into a brand new part, confirming because it does at the starting of this episode that we have jumped 4 months forward since Oliver’s confrontation with Darius. We’re conscious of issues taking place at Kimberly, however so are the college that Oliver’s bought his sights set on, so extra of their members are popping out of the woodwork to complicate issues. This contains Chela’s father Theodore, who not solely takes over Darius’s alchemy class but in addition seems to be the one who sponsored Nanao’s enrollment in Kimberly. One can sense solely a bit of criticism of that ol’ British imperialism as we discover out Theodore has made fame for himself hawking a sequence of books chronicling his adventures over in the far and mysterious East.

Following the college students by that class and others fill out extra of the place we’re at, publish-time skip. We lastly get to brooms on this magical world, offering one other of Spellblades‘s fascinating takes whereby the flying mounts are sapient magical creatures that college students need to work together with. That would possibly present the chance for Katie’s involvement as an angle, however we focus as a substitute right here on Nanao once more. Showing how Nanao’s empathetic method lets her companion with a extra “wild” broom is good sufficient by itself. And it additional units up how her persona would possibly in the end conflict with Oliver’s vengeance-fueled trajectory, particularly as Nanao right here particularly reminds Oliver of the mom he is ostensibly happening this trainer-murdering spree for.

Not that Oliver’s protecting aspect is not nonetheless round. We get to observe but-one other new class in the type of Magical Engineering. This principally repeats the beats we have seen earlier than of Oliver serving to his classmates with their work and safeguarding them when stuff inevitably explodes (into snakes this time, which is at the least slightly novel). This form of repetition right here is essential because it reinforces how even along with his true intentions revealed, Oliver nonetheless genuinely cares about the effectively-being of his friends. It particularly contrasts the method Kimberly and people working it disregard the lives of college students, portray Oliver’s pursuits in a extra revolutionary gentle. Which will get round again to his outreach to Pete and serving to him perceive his situation.

There is a few incredulity in Spellblades‘s method to Pete’s standing as a “reversi” right here. Oddly, it is a identified situation that a number of different folks on this wizarding world have, but Pete was wholly unfamiliar with the way it may be taking place to him. And whereas I get it is to construct up powers on this setting, I’ve to snicker a bit at the inclusion of inherent magical genderfluidity whereas asserting that elemental magicks themselves nonetheless adhere to exhausting essentialism in intercourse-primarily based aptitude. But I feel the coronary heart of this plot level is in the proper place, notably after we see Oliver get invited to an entire gathering of numerous magically queer folks, a spectrum of help opening as much as assist him perceive himself. An emergent aspect of Seven Spellblades has been tearing down the points inherent to the world-constructing in the likes of Harry Potter in a bit extra critical-minded method than the satirical angle of one thing like Mashle. So simply as an inclusion that may make an amazing transphobe like J.Ok. Rowling scream, I’m right here for all this.

So actually, although it is now not tonally tip-toeing round its massive shockers, Seven Spellblades proves to be much more participating when it is being straight-up. We have an actual affirmation and understanding of what Oliver’s railing towards right here, and the varieties of outliers like Nanao and Pete he is doing it on behalf of. We’re not holding our breath anymore, and that permits a bunch extra respiratory room to discover this setting and the concepts that push towards it. The sequence is devoted to interconnected intrigue now, and I’m certainly intrigued.


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