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Here is how deep Undead Unluck has sunk its tooth into me: I’ve by no means been significantly invested in Rip as a personality. As an antagonistic drive, he is been completely serviceable, and infrequently fairly charming, however I’ve appreciated him rather more as a cog within the wheels of the plot than a completely fleshed-out particular person in his personal proper. Here, in “To You, From Me,” Akira’s story climaxes within the thrilling second when he attracts a duplicate of a time manipulation artifact and sacrifices over a century of his lifetime to convey Rip again to his grownup type. In his narration, Akira cheerfully tells his mom how cool and good Rip is, regardless of his pretense of villainy, and the way Rip will likely be even cooler when he is grown up once more. Instantly, with no second’s hesitation, I discovered myself pondering, “Well, alright then, it appears like Rip is one in all my new favourite characters in Undead Unluck ; I’ll die to guard him and I’ll destroy any idiot that dares besmirch his title.”

To borrow a phrase that I’ve seen loads of as of late, and have turn into totally obsessive about, Undead Unluck is a kind of exhibits that’s so good that it straight-up modifications your mind chemistry. I really like Andy and Fuko, and so they love Akira, which implies that I can not assist however love Akira, too, which in flip implies that I’m doomed to turn into Anime News Network‘s #1 “Rip the Dork-Ass Doctor Boy” Stan. There isn’t any level in attempting to struggle it. I have to embrace my future.

In reality, I could as properly stage with you, critic-to-reader. At this level, I concern that in waging a deliberate marketing campaign of focused psycho-emotional warfare (aka “Telling an extremely goddamned great story that’s eerily keyed into my particular tastes”) Undead Unluck has annihilated my defenses and destroyed my means to be goal. How else are you able to clarify that this large, thrilling closing battle in opposition to UMA Autumn was interrupted by yet one more prolonged recap sequence, and I used to be delighted by it? Sure, I may attempt to pull the wool over your eyes by getting all fancy-schmancy intellectual critic on you. I may wax poetic about how Akira’s closing evaluation of his life’s story is a wonderfully paced and thematically wealthy setup to the unbelievable payoff of getting to look at Andy give the nonetheless alive and invisible Akira historical past’s most poignant fist bump. It’s tough to consider that any anime might be so expertly written and executed that it will get me, James Beckett, a properly-identified stone wall stoicism, to cry like a child at one other freaking mid-episode flashback, proper?

The solely affordable expectation is that Undead Unluck has damaged me. Any minute now, the Critic Police are sure to point out up at my door and demand that I flip in my badge and my sidearm. And I did not even get to spend 5 paragraphs ranting about how sick the battle in opposition to Autumn ended up being, or about how I ended up loving the crimson-drenched coloration scheme of the struggle as soon as I spotted that it was attributable to the sunshine being subtle by way of the ungodly quantity of dying leaves that the UMA leaves in its wake…

No. It will not finish right here. It cannot. Even if I’m pressured to turn into a rogue agent and flee into the night time, I can not abandon my sworn obligation to tell you, The Readers, about which cool Japanese cartoons it is best to spend your laborious-earned money and time on. I’ll discover a technique to work from the shadows and full my mission, doing no matter it takes to affect the plenty and persuade the Powers-That-Be to greenlight one other season of this present. Even if I’ve to hijack different Weekly Streaming Review Assignments and even the upcoming Spring 2024 Preview Guide to do it, I’ll discover a technique to preserve spreading the final word fact that I’ve spent the previous six months uncovering: “Undead Unluck guidelines, owns, slays, rips, and whips so laborious that solely the lamest of the lame would ever dare to disclaim its most wonderful and depraved illness.”

If you are not planning to look at it actually proper now, as you learn these phrases, then I at this second dedicate my life to pestering you till you modify your thoughts.


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