Dragon’s Dogma 2 player discovers handy hidden time feature

Dragons Dogma 2

Rory Teale

(*2*)Published: 2024-03-24T16:22:50

One Dragon’s Dogma 2 player revealed a handy time feature, a clock that’s neatly hidden by the builders within the pause menu.

Capcom’s single-player sequel Dragons Dogma 2 has already been successful with gamers, regardless of having some controversial efficiency points, with a peak of over 200,000 concurrent gamers.

The recreation rewards player ingenuity, and the extraordinarily well-coded pawn companions permit for spectacular strategising: like one player who used the pawn-catching mechanic to navigate a treacherous path.

Still, generally essentially the most helpful recreation suggestions and methods can lie proper beneath player’s noses, and never require any talent in any respect, just like the hidden time feature included by the Dragons Dogma 2 builders.

One player found that the “wheel behind the pause menu is the clock/time of day”. So, no extra guestimating whether or not it’s midday or night with this new handy trick.

“I saved making an attempt to guess when it was “between midnight and morning,” and once I seen it hours later, it was a ‘doh’ second,” admitted the unique poster, however they weren’t the one individuals who hadn’t realized the hidden feature.

“LMAO. Never seen this… that’s useful! Thank you,” stated one other enlightened player. “Holy sh*t I used to be actually searching for a clock an hour in the past,” stated one other.

This feature may be particularly helpful contemplating that the solar in Dragons Dogma 2 strikes counter-clockwise, making it even tougher to inform the time with out the clock.

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