Best PlayStation games of all time: Top 13 PS1 games ranked

For anybody rising up within the Nineties, you’ll have possible had a debate with your mates within the playground about what the perfect PlayStation games have been. We’ve compiled a listing of the perfect PS1 games of all time, ranked so as.

The Sony PlayStation (later often known as the PS1) got here onto the scene in 1994, competing with its contemporaries the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn. And with its most iconic games releasing between then and the tip of the century, the PlayStation shortly grew to become a staple of ’90s online game tradition.

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So with such an in depth library of iconic characters, adventures, and tales, we thought we’d ask the query: What are the perfect PlayStation games of all time? We’ve compiled 13 of essentially the most iconic titles we are able to suppose of, from motion games to platformers.

13 – Diablo

A screenshot of Diablo gameplay.Blizzard

Diablo is an iconic dungeon crawler.

Although extra synonymous with the PC gaming market, Diablo on PS1 was a way more competent port of the unique and exceeded many critics’ expectations. While inferior to the PC model that got here round a 12 months earlier, the conversion from keyboard to controller was seen as an enchancment by some gamers. In normal, too, the multiplayer features of Diablo are what made it an iconic dungeon crawler.

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Its affect extends so far as 2023, with the latest Diablo 4 setting data because the fastest-selling Blizzard sport of all time.

12 – Ape Escape

An image of Ape Escape gameplay.Sony Computer Entertainment

Ape Escape is a beloved platformer.

Ape Escape’s 3D platforming mixed with its progressive controls made it a well-liked sport for PlayStation avid gamers. More particularly, the sport was closely centered across the analog sticks for motion and motion: left thumbstick moved the primary character across the display and the suitable thumbstick was used for varied actions.

It was this facet of Ape Escape that critics loved on the time, with one review calling them “superbly executed”. Even at this time, the sport stays a well-liked sport with PlayStation fans, and due to its availability on fashionable programs, it’s nonetheless totally accessible in 2023.

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11 – MediEvil

An image of MediEvil gameplay.Sony Computer Entertainment

MediEvil is an ideal sport to play on Halloween.

Made by a British workforce with very British qualities, the whimsical but spooky MediEvil is a fan favourite for gamers to take pleasure in round Halloween time annually. While the sport sported some awkward digicam controls and clunky motion, its theme and narrative are fondly remembered by anybody who performed the unique again within the Nineties.

It later spawned a sequel, MediEvil 2, and two remakes on the PSP and PS4. The whimsical nature of this sport led to it changing into a cult traditional on the Sony PlayStation, incomes it a spot as one of the perfect PS1 games of all time. Just a disgrace that Sir Daniel Fortesque didn’t grow to be a PS1 mascot as extremely as his friends did.

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10 – Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

Oddworld Abe's OddyseeGT Interactive

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was a sport of the technology contender within the 90s.

Aside from simply being an all-around improbable platformer, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee can be a technical and artistic marvel. The artistic character designs, iconic sound results and the layers of humor littered all through the sport make it a straightforward “sport of the technology” contender for the 90s, however add to that the exact motion, powerful gameplay, and clever narrative additionally make it a memorable sport for anybody who grew up wanting a extra mature tite in comparison with its contemporaries.

9 – Driver

(*13*)GT Interactive

Driver was closely impressed by iconic automobile chase films.

While considerably overshadowed by the 3D GTA games that will come just a few years later, Driver’s easy concept of making a criminal offense sport the place the motion is centered all round driving was distinctive and enjoyable for the time.

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It was straight impressed by the automobile chase films of the 60s and 70s like Bullitt, The French Connection, and the (aptly named) The Driver. Anyone who performed it will keep in mind the notorious car parking zone tutorial degree, which was much less of a tutorial for the sport and extra of a lesson in endurance.

8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterActivision

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was well-known for its spectacular soundtrack.

Most individuals keep in mind Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (in addition to its sequels) for its electrifying soundtrack, deep management system, and excellent kind. It is the best sport of its form, with a physics engine that utterly emulates the sensation of skateboarding.

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So much of sports activities games typically really feel like merchandise of their occasions, they’re standard within the second solely to get replaced by one thing new and higher a bit bit later. And whereas Pro Skater very a lot continues to really feel like a sport of the ‘90s, there are only a few skateboarding games which have come to switch it lengthy after its time was up. Even at this time, most avid gamers will cite Pro Skater as their beloved childhood sport.

7 – Spyro the Dragon

An image of Spyro the Dragon gameplay.Sony Computer Entertainment

Spyro is one of essentially the most iconic PlayStation mascots

Spyro was an enormous mascot for the Sony PlayStation, standard by way of the three platformer games that have been launched in the course of the PS1’s lifespan. It raised the bar for 3D platformers on the system, using flight mechanics as an extra parameter of its platform features.

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The collectibles to be present in every degree gave the sport a big quantity of replayability, whereas its colourful animations and sensible graphics made it a memorable expertise for any children rising up with a PlayStation. It virtually seems like an animated film delivered to life in online game kind.

6 – Silent Hill

Silent HillKonami

Silent Hill is one of essentially the most influential horror games of all time.

Silent Hill’s horror of the psyche was one thing unparalleled on the time of its launch in 1999, and even at this time it stays one of essentially the most influential spooky gaming experiences you will get. The sport featured monsters and environments influenced by the protagonist’s psychological state, giving every enemy encounter a purpose to exist throughout the narrative.

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Additionally, its foggy environment and creepy sound results additionally add to this unsettling nature of the world, creating a sense of whole imprisonment throughout the city of Silent Hill.

5 – Crash Bandicoot

Crash BandicootSony Computer Entertainment

Crash Bandicoot was a enjoyable however difficult platformer.

Probably one of essentially the most iconic PS1 mascots, Crash Bandicoot’s energizing platforming made it a enjoyable expertise for these searching for a more difficult expertise.

But it’s not simply the sport’s problem individuals keep in mind it for, but additionally the colourful environments, intelligent degree design, and humorous characters helped set up Naughty Dog’s status amongst the online game neighborhood, who would later go on to develop the Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises.

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4 – Tomb Raider

Tomb RaiderEidos Interactive

Lara Croft is one of the most well-liked sport characters of all time.

It could be remiss to debate all the mascots of ‘90s gaming with out a worthy point out of Ms Croft. As one of the perfect PS1 games, Tomb Raider follows the adventures of Lara Croft, an archaeologist in search of the fabled Scion of Atlantis. Set in varied unique places the world over, the sport incorporates a combination of platforming sequences, puzzle-solving, and fight encounters.

What made Tomb Raider notably iconic was Lara changing into a gaming icon. Following the discharge of the unique sport and its many sequels, Lara subsequently was featured in commercials for a spread of totally different merchandise and made a number of appearances in different media kinds and sponsorship offers. Even at this time, she is one of the most well-liked gaming characters on the market.

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3 – Resident Evil

Resident EvilCapcom

Resident Evil marked the beginning of one of the perfect horror sport franchises available on the market.

Resident Evil’s B-movie fashion, with its opening live-action cutscene and pulpy horror components, made it a family title upon its authentic 1996 launch. When coupled with its intense survival horror gameplay, the sport shortly grew to become a staple of the style and went on to encourage numerous others.

What was most spectacular about Resident Evil although was its means to work past its limitations, that includes 3D graphics rendered onto a 2D background to work by way of the {hardware} limits. The sport has aged nicely because of this, and also you suppose it’s much more latest than it truly is.

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2 – Final Fantasy 7

cloud strife looking at mako reactor in ff7Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII is one of essentially the most beloved JRPGs of all time.

Although the Final Fantasy franchise was already seven games deep by then (plus a number of spin-offs), Final Fantasy 7 was Square’s first pilgrimage of the collection into 3D. Similar to what Capcom did with Resident Evil, FF7 used pre-rendered backgrounds with the character sprites imposed onto them in actual time.

What resulted have been stunning scenes far past the capabilities of the {hardware} of the time. But what’s most essential about Final Fantasy 7’s legacy is its mature anti-capitalist story, adopting a story that explored advanced themes while nonetheless retaining an attractive RPG construction.

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Metal Gear SolidKonami

Metal Gear Solid options an especially compelling narrative.

1 – Metal Gear Solid

With its emphasis on stealth with out initiating fight, Metal Gear Solid was a pioneer of the early 3D games sphere. Kojima’s masterpiece would come to encourage numerous stealth games that got here after, the place the concentrate on sneaking by way of enemy bases relatively than combating them head-on would deliver a palpable sense of vulnerability.

When mixed with its lengthy cutscenes and elaborate narrative, it can be seen as a key participant within the evolution of games with cinematic storytelling. This makes it one of the perfect PS1 games of all time, with a seemingly limitless quantity of individuals who cite it as one of their favourite titles to play on the system.

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And that’s it for our greatest PS1 games listing! If you want, we even have a ranked listing of the perfect PlayStation 2 games of all time.

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