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Berserk could also be well-known for its darkish tones and violence, however followers know the collection additionally comprises a few of the funniest moments in all manga – so, right here’s the 10 greatest ones.

Any Berserk fan is aware of that there isn’t a lot to snort about within the collection, with horrific trauma-inducing violence and tragedy being the bottom tone of any given day.

Still, we maintain studying to see what occurs subsequent to Guts and the gang and the place their journey takes them, now greater than ever because the demise of Berserk writer Kentaro Miura.

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Comedy in manga hardly ever interprets effectively and depends on footage greater than textual content, however when it does, it may well generally be the funniest factor you’ll ever learn and ask anybody; they’d suggest studying Berserk over watching any anime adaptation, at the very least the primary time round. So at this time, we’re rating our picks for the funniest moments in Berserk. Yes, imagine it or not, they exist.

Spoilers for Berserk forward!

10 funniest moments in Berserk

Berserk has the benefit of getting lengthy story arcs the place comedy can severely assist the story from going too darkish in locations with out taking away from the drama or motion inside the scene; it’s terribly effectively-balanced by way of story tone.

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10. Golden Age gags

Berserk Golden Age griffith rescue casca guts judeau

Before the terrible Eclipse and Griffith’s betrayal was the Golden Age arc, the adventures of the rising Band of the Hawk associated lots to younger folks seeking to belong and provides their all to a trigger they imagine in. Though they’re pressured into maturity by battle, we are inclined to neglect that the band continues to be very younger in comparison with most knights.

Casca typically looks like she has lots to show, so dishing it out at any time when a younger and dumb Guts makes a impolite, offhand remark at all times leads to amusing at his expense throughout essentially the most severe of moments, even throughout the daring Griffith rescue mission. Casca and Guts have constructed their relationship by now, and Casca is aware of she simply has to place up with him at this level.

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(*10*)9. Guts positive factors a fan, denies his fame

Berserk Guts Isidoro talking about the band of the hawk

A great way into their journey, Isidro reveals his idol is the mysterious captain of the Band of the Hawk’s raider celebration, and he hopes to turn out to be as robust as he’s, little to his data that Guts is true there casually enjoying down his unbelievable feats of fight that saved lives and secured victories. Exaggerated? Yes, but it surely’s not inaccurate.

We, and probably Guts, would by no means have thought his previous life within the Band of the Hawk would have any lasting exterior impact the place somebody would find out about him, particularly somebody as younger as Isidoro. Guts isn’t somebody who lives prior to now nor boasts about his power, so him attempting to not name consideration to it by straight trying on the viewer is hilarious.

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8. “What’s together with your face?”

Berserk pirate whats with your face page

In true Berserk trend, one of many funniest moments comes throughout a particularly dramatic time, together with over-the-prime gory violence. The visuals versus the dialogue – “What’s together with your face?” with the straight-confronted look again of “it’s taking place to you too, don’t pin this solely on me” – make this a really human second in an inhuman scene.

For context, Kushan Emperor Ganishka transforms himself into an incomprehensive large monster to tackle Griffith. This causes fog to circulation into the dominion and melts something it comes into contact with. Leading to this temporary, hilarious second between the 2 guards earlier than they disintegrated.

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7. The pirates of the boat arc

Berserk pirates

Any Berserk fan might let you know concerning the notorious “boat arc,” the place the gang was caught on a ship for what felt like a decade. The one solace on the time was these pirates who adopted the group to sea, who had been about as severe as pirates in Berserk could possibly be reappearing, inflicting hassle at any time when they confirmed up.

You’d count on cutthroats, looters, and murderers; as an alternative, we get a gang of barely useful sailors blissfully unaware of the severity of their state of affairs. One scene that stands proud to us is at any time when the pirate crew goes to assault the heroes head-on and will get stomped in a one-sided battle, all whereas simply complaining concerning the state of affairs.

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6. The Tapasa attempt to mix in

Berserk Rickert Tapasa Silat Erica

While undercover in Falconia, Silat and his Tapasa bodyguard be a part of forces with Rickert, and each plan a daring escape from Griffith after being focused by his troops. This means the Tapasa must encourage stealth regardless of their highly effective builds extra designed for one-on-one fight.

The menacing Tapasa don’t maintain the friendliest of faces, so once they attempt to make impression with Rickert’s buddy Erica, it goes about in addition to you count on a small lady seeing musclebound brutes making an attempt to smile for the primary time of their lives. It’s okay, Erica, they imply effectively!

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5. Puck rescues Guts from Farnese

Berserk Puck helps Guts escape

Guts is injured and captured by Farnese’s forces. Casca continues to be lacking, and he’s pulled away from his sword. Sat in a cage all chained up, he thinks, “How can this example get any worse?” and in comes Puck, profiting from the state of affairs to get his method for as soon as. Guts doesn’t deal with Puck very effectively, so wanting some respect and wringing a “Please” and “Thank you” out of Guts is a little bit of hilarious justice.

Puck carries a number of tone-setting weight after the Golden Age; his shenanigans really feel misplaced till we get used to his curious and sassy presence. Despite the state of affairs, issues can solely get higher, and all of it begins with slightly Elf getting cocky together with his strolling, large sword-swinging caravan.

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4. Schierke’s “analysis” in Casca’s thoughts

Berserk Schierke farnese

Schierke and Farnese journey inside Casca’s soul in hopes of recovering her thoughts; this implies reliving many moments from her life, principally from her viewpoint. This consists of Casca’s sexual relationship with Guts earlier than dropping her reminiscence to the intrigue of Schierke; as you may think about, we’ve reduce the web page right down to the panel.

If there’s one scene we wouldn’t think about a lot comedy, it’s the journey into Casca’s thoughts, so we didn’t think about a scene of Farnese being smart and Schierke pulling out the traditional “for analysis functions” excuse. Much like Schierke would, we swear this scene is important to the story. I wouldn’t need to see her browser historical past.

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3. The many faces of Puck

Berserk yoda puck

When we meet Puck, he’s a small, lighthearted Elf with therapeutic powers who helps Guts and provides him a a lot-wanted “conscience” throughout the Black Swordsman arc. His function maintains because the story continues, holding the tone from getting too darkish till Guts’ small teams get larger and greater, and Puck maintains a aspect function as a lot-wanted comedian aid.

Puck seems extra in his chestnut comical kind than his precise look, as a rule, solely going again to his regular throughout severe conditions. Puck whips out jokes, breaks the fourth wall, and pulls off essentially the most out-of-place references, typically Yoda from Star Wars treating Isidoro as his Padawan, purely to interrupt the strain, and it really works.

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2. Guts yeeting Isidoro

Berserk Guts throws Isidoro

Never meet your heroes, youngsters, as a result of they’ll throw you comically down a hill. On his solution to rescue Casca within the Tower of Conviction arc, Guts encounters Isidoro, a teen following him round. They’re attacked by some demons, and Guts casually tosses Isidoro down a hill away from the battle to security.

The little second of Guts and Puck simply watching him roll down the hill earlier than going again to combating with a dramatic cape twirl sends us. Guts sees a number of himself in Isidoro, a snarky child who doesn’t need to observe anybody however desires to get stronger. Like most of us, if we noticed how we used to behave, we’d throw our youthful selves down a hill, too.

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1. The 1997 Berserk anime outtakes

While the 1997 Berserk anime is understandably censored, it’s nonetheless extensively thought to be the most effective-animated adaptation Berserk has obtained. Behind the collection is a good voice forged who offers us all an amazing snort with their vocal mishaps and jokes in Berserk ’97’s outtake reel. While this may occasionally not depend as an in-universe joke, we can’t deny how humorous these outtakes are.

Big voice appearing names behind it embody the voice of Goku, Sean Shemmel, and Dr. Eggman’s Mike Pollock. It’s good to see the forged had such a enjoyable time recording such a darkish and dramatic anime. Where else would you discover Griffith, essentially the most hated anime character, singing about how straightforward he’s in mattress and Guts having a philosophical meltdown within the coronary heart of battle?

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Those are our picks for the funniest moments in Berserk. While Berserk continues to be ongoing, listed here are some anime you may watch from begin to end proper now. If you need to maintain the funnies going, take a look at our picks of the funniest moments in One Piece, or if combating is extra your model, verify our rankings of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Z.

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