Baldur’s Gate 3 players gutted by tragic epilogue note about Karlach

baldurs gate 3 karlach

Noelle Corbett

(*3*)One uncommon Baldur’s Gate 3 epilogue note is breaking players’ hearts, particularly those that love the companion Karlach.

(*3*)Baldur’s Gate 3 players are having their hearts damaged by a note from Dammon that may solely be discovered if the fan-favorite companion Karlach dies on the finish of the sport.

(*3*)Shared by Reddit user Megazupa, the publish features a screenshot of the letter through which Dammon shares his emotions on Karlach’s dying, titling it “Larian why would you hit us with these feels.”

(*3*)In the letter, Dammon says “she was unforgettable. I can’t assist however blame myself.” He additionally vows to study extra in case another person like Karlach ever wants his assist, however says “how may there be one other? She was completely singular.”

(*3*)To get the letter, you must be certain that Dammon survives till the tip of the sport and enable Karlach to die after taking out the Netherbrain quite than going to Avernus with the participant or Wyll.

(*3*)The letter additionally stands out since you’ll be able to solely discover it in the course of the epilogue get together, which is, for essentially the most half, a cheerful affair the place you get to reunite together with your companions and catch up months after the journey.

(*3*)Reactions to the letter mirror players’ love of Karlach, with one saying, “Larian doesn’t appear too nervous about hitting us repeatedly with the feels.”

(*3*)“This is why I refuse to let her have every other ending aside from going again to Avernus with both Wyll, or a tav romance,” mentioned a distinct participant.

(*3*)Another commenter identified some unhappy dialogue that solely performs if Karlach dies, saying, “Wait till you hear Withers discuss about her.” If you converse to Withers in the course of the get together, he’ll inform you about Karlach within the afterlife, recounting that “In the Fugue aircraft, her soul burns so vivid, it pains the Gods to look upon.” Ouch.

(*3*)Fortunately, there are many methods to keep away from getting this letter. The greatest is to ensure Karlach goes to Avernus, however if you happen to actually need to go the chaotic evil route, you could possibly simply be certain that Dammon dies.

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