Baldur’s Gate 3 players confused by “lore-accurate” Elder Brain

Baldurs Gate 3 Netherbrain cinemtaic

Theo Burman

The Netherbrain is the driving pressure within the battle of Baldur’s Gate 3, but it surely doesn’t appear to be fairly as good because the lore would have us consider.

The Netherbrain is the supply of mainly each downside in Baldur’s Gate 3. Sure, with out it the Dead Three would nonetheless be operating round attempting to take over the Sword Coast, and the Githyanki would in all probability nonetheless be dominated by a fascist dictator, however these issues can be quite a bit less complicated if you happen to and half the nation didn’t have a tadpole wriggling round in your cranium.

As an Elder Brain empowered even additional by the crown of Karsus, the Netherbrain ought to, by all rights, be capable of conquer the world. The sport spends two complete acts describing how highly effective Elder Brains are; it’s solely by way of the powers of Orpheus and the goodwill of the Emperor that you may survive its name.

Additionally, anybody who performs sufficient of Gale’s quest, or listens to Raphael’s deal in Act 3, will know simply how highly effective the crown of Karsus is. After all, it’s sufficient to make Gale right into a god. Surely an Elder Brain with that form of energy can be unstoppable.

However, that is an space the place Baldur’s Gate’s lore and the necessity for good gameplay conflict. It wouldn’t be very satisfying if the Netherbrain one-shot your whole get together at the start of the boss combat, although it technically ought to be capable of.

Some players on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit highlighted this, saying that the Netherbrain was silly in comparison with a lore-accurate model.

One participant summarised: “The supreme mind of a Nether Brain is nothing in comparison with a narrative’s want for the plot to get to the tip.”

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